Since the late 1970’s Christian Surfers has been reaching out to surfers. Christian Surfers International was born in 1999 when Christian surfer groups from a number of countries joined together as an international movement.


Our Vision and Goals

To be a Christian presence and witness in the world surfing community. Our goals are to:

  1. Evangelise the surfing communities of the world.

  2. Serve the local church world wide by providing a bridge between the church and the beach.

  3. Network Christian Surfers missions world wide and thus provide a mission niche for surfers.


Our Core Values

We are evangelistic in intent and evangelical in flavour, by which we mean majoring on the centrality of Christ, the priority of the gospel, the authority of the Bible.

We are mobilising surfers to reach surfers using their surfing. We are an authentic surfing movement. We are showing how our surfing is submitted to Christ as a servant not a master.

All our local missions are partnerships with supportive local churches where they exist and we seek to be inter-church in leadership and accountability. We also form partnerships with other ministry groups.

We are integrated in the local surfing community and we create a Christian community to minister out of. This requires long-term commitment to ministry.

We believe the Kingdom of God changes individual surfers lives and then the surfing cultures they belong to.

We have ministry based on relationships of trust earned by service as key to all ministry and leadership. We believe servanthood is a key to leadership.

We are mobilising and empowering ordinary volunteers and helping them fulfil their potential with staff assistance. Our mission allows for bottom up initiatives.

We are called to the world surfing community and will seek to facilitate surfing outreach to every surfing nation. We are also an international family of missions committed to the common good.


Our Faith

We hold to an evangelical statement of faith. Click here to see our Statement of Faith.


What We Do

A typical Christian Surfers mission is integrated into their local surf community and led by a team of leaders from supportive local churches. This 'hub' of leadership has a variety of 'spokes' that connect with our surfing community. These 'spokes' may include: regular CS 'club' meetings, membership in secular surfing organisations, serving within secular events, surf coaching, short-term missions, etc. Established surfing nations multiply these local missions around their coastlines to form national movements that can evangelise and disciple surfers of the nation. Learn more about our strategies and what we do here.


Our Organisation

CSI networks national Christian Surfers missions as an international movement. Each affiliated mission agrees to Christian Surfers’ vision, core values and statement of faith. Affiliated missions appoint CSI leadership and agree on core strategies.


Our Structure

Affiliated missions are represented on the CSI Council, which appoints the International Director and a Board of Directors. Regional Coordinators are appointed by the International Director with the regional affiliates to support the missions in their regions. The legal entity of CSI is a company registered in Australia. Affiliated missions have their own independent legal identity. Affiliated missions are united with each other through their agreement to Christian Surfers’ vision, core values and statement of faith, through observance of our Mission Manual, and through relationships of trust.


Our Accountability

The International Council, made up of representatives of each Affiliated Mission, meets every two years to determine overall vision and strategy. The Council appoints the International Director and Board. Between meetings the Board holds the International Director accountable on behalf of the Council. Reports on activity and finances are provided to the Council on a yearly basis.

The Board is responsible for the operations of Christian Surfers International Limited, a company registered in Australia, which is the legal holder of CSI assets.

The CS Mission Manual sets out accountability processes for affiliated missions, which include establishing an appropriate legal entity, auditing of financial records, having a covering local church for key leaders, and having a board to overview mission operations.