Do I have to be a Christian to go to Christian Surfers?

Not at all! This is why we are here to be honest - to introduce those who aren’t Christians to Christianity in a surfer-friendly way. We respect your beliefs and opinions, and we also ask you to respect the fact that Christian Surfers will share with you about how you can know God through the person of Jesus Christ. Then it is up to you what you do with him. We have a lot of fun doing that along the way with our surfing.


Is Christian Surfers really serious about mission?

We are constantly pushing ourselves to keep our edge as a mission organisation rather than a cosy fellowship group for Christians who surf. Each group varies in its edge, but everything we stand for is about mission. The Surfers Bible, our short-term missions, local chapters, the Bible studies we do, are all about mission to lost surfers. Like any group, it is easy to become inward looking, but we believe God is outward looking!


Is it possible to be a Christian and a surfer?

Well, Jesus walked on water first didn’t he?? Seriously, good question. Surfing is such a self-centred lifestyle and the Jesus lifestyle is others centered. So how can it mix?? Firstly there is nothing inherently evil with surfing, God made the waves, the problem is in the surfer! Second, surfing can become all important. An 'idol' is anything we worship, and that just means we place our greatest worth on, and God doesn’t tolerate any rivals! So lastly, to be totally honest, it is only when we surrender our lives, and our surfing with that, to Jesus that God gets his rightful place in our lives. Then we are worshiping him as the Creator, not just the creation. This is the only genuine 'Christian surfer'.


Is Christian Surfers an alternative church for surfers?

Certainly not. We are often the first 'church' a surfer meets (remembering that the church is the people, not a building or ceremony) but we see ourselves as a bridge between the church and the beach. We do not plant or run churches, but we are all committed to building churches. All CS leaders belong to a local church and we work with local churches.


What if there isn’t a Christian Surfers group near me?

The ocean is a big place, we certainly aren’t everywhere. You can keep in touch with your closest national group, or if there is none, the international office keeps in touch with worldwide contacts. We can offer you resources and encouragement. You may be able to attend events run by CS elsewhere and we welcome visitors worldwide; or you can start a group yourself!


How do I start a Christian Surfers group?

Typically you would need to be a committed Christian, a committed surfer (or attached to the surfing community) and committed to a local church that would support this idea. Find some like-minded people, pray, seek surfing contacts and strategies and call on us for help. You don’t have to be the best surfer, but you need to be a real servant.


Are bodyboarders or girls or longboarders welcome or is it just shortboarder guys?

We are totally committed to setting a different standard to the surfing world where there are so many conflicts between surfcraft. God doesn’t care what you ride, its his waves you ride for free, so we freely offer our activities to all regardless of ability, equipment or sex. Surfing naturally is predominately male dominated and our leadership and participants naturally reflects this, but is not exclusive. We are the only surfing organisation to embrace all surfers of all levels.