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That every surfers and every surfing community has opportunity to know and follow Jesus
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We are a family on mission - we are in this journey together using this amazing tool of surfing to reach every surfer! Come join us in France for our bi-annual family reunion. Our aim is to gather to train leaders, fellowship together, strengthen and encourage one another. At the conclusion of our time we will send out missionaries to the uttermost ends of the surfing world!


(Watch the Gathering promo video by clicking the image above)



Cap Océan Conference Center

We are returning to Cap Océan after first meeting there for the 2004 International Gathering. Located one hour north of Biarritz, and conveniently located walking distance to world-class beachbreaks and a 5 minute drive to the town center, we are excited to reconvene in a historic venue for our ministry. Visit their website

Gathering Fees:

  • Individual: €449

  • Couple: €799

  • Families = €799 +

    • Infant (under 2): free

    • Children (2 to 11): €125 each

    • Children (12 to 17): €190 each

    • Children (18+): €250 each

      • All children must register with an individual or couple for these special rates

Fees include Gathering venue and program, as well as the speakers, t-shirt (limited quantity, late registrants may miss out), childcare, lodging, and 15 meals on site. The Gathering registration checkout page charges a small admin fee on top of these rates.



This is a gathering for Christian Surfers leaders, friends and ministry partners. Please check with your national leader or regional coordinator if you are unsure about attending. Others exploring CS as a mission are welcome. We also invite our friends from other surf missions.

Pre & Post Gathering Meetings
There are a wide array of pre and post gathering meetings, most requiring a special invite. Please review our calendar and Frequently Asked Questions for dates and descriptions of these meetings, and a link to register specifically for them.

Pre & Post Gathering Accomodation
If you are looking to arrive early or stay longer at the conference venue, you can view rates and pay on our Pre & Post Gathering Registration page. Please note booking for pre and post accommodation will close on Monday, September 10.


Other Post-Gathering Options

CSALT Intensive
Following the Gathering, on October 1-3, will be Christian Surfers Advanced Leadership Training. This will be a detailed consortium of like-minded CS leaders in a field you are interested in. Study sessions include Chaplaincy, Groundswell Aid, Surf Church and Leadership. CSALT is open to anyone and everyone who is interested. View costs and book on our Pre & Post Gathering Registration page!

Lanzarote Adventure
Join us after the Gathering for a 7-night getaway to the Canary Islands, often dubbed the Hawaii of Europe. We'll be staying at Oasis Surf House, beautifully situated with a wide variety of surf breaks a short drive away. Couples are welcome and the time will be facilitated by Mike & Trish Croft, who will encourage open conversation and a wide variety of the experiences this island has in store (€250 additional cost per person). Click here for more information.

Action Sports Ministry Summit
A broader summit of surf, skate, snow, bike, climb, wake missionaries are also gathering in Munich, Germany, October 4-7. CS delegates are welcome to apply for this also. There is a mini bus tour connecting the two events. Check out their website (the password to access is Welcome! [caps and ! included]) Contact Brett Davis for more details.



Many leaders seeking to attend our International Gathering are in positions where they need support to be able to cover costs. We’ve created Gathering Scholarships to help these leaders cross the line. You can sponsor a leader when you register for the Gathering or directly below. Help us spread the love amongst our global family!

Click an image to learn more about the recipient. Any amount you can give will help these leaders from diverse parts of the world be able to grow in their leadership through their time at the Gathering.

You can donate to a particular individual below or to the general fund here...

Donate to the General Scholarship Fund

Taylor Brant


Taylor has a heart for surf culture and has been involved with CS Australia/New Zealand/Indo/USA partnering/cross pollination network together with Christian Surfers and Snowboarders + Skiers for Christ ministry and seeks to use his cinematography/photography skills to serve at the Gathering. "Taylor Brant brings invaluable skills as a videographer as well as a key snow sport ministry leader. His interaction at the Gathering will be invaluable in helping us produce vital resources. In addition the cross pollination for SFC ministry will also be so helpful." Brett Davis, Christian Surfers International Founder/Advisor

Amount needed: €600 / AUD$950

Taylor Brant


Needed: €600
Remaining: €300

Sponsor Taylor

Daniel & Kelly Mansell


Daniel & Kelly Mansell live in Nova Scotia, Canada with their three children. Daniel has been instrumental in the development of CS Canada, both as part of the founding team and as a structural visionary for the future. Being a CS Canada ambassador he has had the privilege of both hosting and visiting people from many other CS groups. As a family they have both a local and global love for people and their heart for Christian Surfers is for the love of Jesus and his power to be as real as the waves they're in. As a family they don't just go where they want, they go where they feel God is telling them to go. It has been a desire of Daniel's heart for a long time to attend a CS International Gathering and he and Kelly feel God leading them to attend this one, as a family, in France.

Amount needed: €900 / AUD$1,400

Daniel & Kelly Mansell


Needed: €900
Remaining: €390

Sponsor Daniel & Kelly

Francois & Marieta van Heerden

South Africa

Francois van Heerden is married to Marieta, the father of three children and the National Director for CS South Africa. He has a deep passion to see surfers far from God being restored to their Maker as part of Jesus' Great Commission to reach all nations. He is eager to learn from the wealth of experience from the international CS community and to network with leaders from other nations. "We believe that this conference will empower Francois & Marieta as a 'new' couple to full time ministry in Christian Surfers. Personally I have been to four International Gatherings and know that the encouragement and fellowship that the van Heerden's will receive, will go a long way to strengthening the ministry in South Africa." Rees Lewis-Thomas, CS South Africa Charman

Amount needed: €1,000 / AUD$1,500

Francois & Marieta van Heerden

South Africa

Needed: €1,000
Remaining: €360

Sponsor Francois & Marieta

Lindsey Petrignani


Lindsey is 37 years old and married with two children. The France team met Lindsey two years ago, and she's been the most faithful prayer partner for CS France ever since. Her husband is in the process of taking over the pastor role of Calvary Chapel Nice from his father. This is a key family for developing CS along the Mediterranean. "Lindsey has a gift of encouragement that is precious to me. She has a passion for the Lord and a passion for reaching surfers. I pray she will be able to come to the Gathering and that this time will be a springboard for our work together for the kingdom along the beaches of France." Audrey Harrison, CS France National Director

Amount needed: €510 / AUD$800

Lindsey Petrignani


Needed: €510
Remaining: €235

Sponsor Lindsey

Kirby Whitlock


Kirby is from Charlotte, North Carolina, USA and was called to go to Taiwan in 2015, where he met Chris Chon and started learning about surf ministry. Since that time, he have been living in Taiwan and getting involved in the local surf community. This time has included church planting training with YWAM and language study. Moving from Taipei (the capital) out to Yilan (Taiwan's largest surf community) in June of 2017, they have been surfing and building relationships ever since. "Kirby is new to Christian Surfers and super keen to learn more and grow the CS ministry here in Taiwan. I think it would really benefit Kirby to attend the Gathering so that he could meet others in surf ministry, hear their experiences and learn from them." Chris Chon, CS Taiwan National Leader

Amount needed: €850 / AUD$1,300

Kirby Whitlock


Needed: €850
Remaining: €575

Sponsor Kirby

Nancy Chang


Nancy is a 22-year-old Taiwanese girl who received Christ when she was 17 years old after missionaries opened up a coffee shop near her house. For her being a Christian meant being a missionary. Although she comes from a Buddhist family and experienced a lot of persecution her heart for Jesus kept growing. Then she realized because she could surf and all her friends wanted to learn how to surf, it was a perfect avenue to spread the message of Jesus! Thus her heart for surf ministry began. After going through a DTS and School of Biblical Studies with YWAM, she is currently working among the largest surfing community in Taiwan. She wants to attend this conference to be better equipped and to be surrounded by wise counsel that has already walked the road she is on.

Amount needed: €1,000 / AUD$1,500

Nancy Chang


Needed: €1,000
Remaining: €100

Sponsor Nancy

CSALT Intensive

October 1-3
Cap Océan (same venue as the Gathering)

Following the International Gathering, on October 1-3, we will be hosting a CSALT Intensive at our Gathering venue in Hossegor. This will be a detailed consortium of like-minded CS leaders in a field you are interested in.

The 3-day intensive will comprise four streams:

  • Surf Chaplaincy
  • Groundswell Aid
  • Leadership Training
  • Surf Church

There will be some communal sessions but in order to get full value from each subject, it will be necessary for each delegate to choose one stream and remain in that stream for the duration of our time.

CSALT Intensive Cost: €99

Please note that you will need to pay for accomodation on top of this fee. This can be booked through our Pre & Post Gathering Registration page. When booking you will need to choose the CSALT option as well as the amount of nights needed for accomodation if you are staying on-site.


(Watch the CSALT Intensive promo video by clicking the image above)

Surf Chaplaincy

The Surf Chaplaincy stream will be focusing on Sports Chaplaincy Training Level 2, with the International Coordinator for Sports Chaplaincy delivering the course, specifically focused on surf chaplaincy.

For more info watch the video email Andy Pitt


Groundswell Aid

Groundswell Aid is the community development and social justice arm of Christian Surfers. Learn about empowering community development and when helping hurts.

For more info watch the video or email Groundswell Aid


Surf Church

The Surf Church Collective is for anyone who is part of a church that is actively reaching surfers and anyone looking to plant a surfer-friendly church. The time will focus on networking together, as well as the leadership skills necessary for this calling.

For more info watch the video or email Robbie O'Brien


Leadership Training

The Leadership Training stream will focus on three key elements: The heart of CS leadership (values, beliefs, behaviours); from zero to hero - growing, building and developing a CS mission to a national movement (accountability, governance, leadership team and strategy); practically developing a plan to reach your beach, nation, region or area.

For more info email CS International



There are often many questions accompanying registrations that our team are processing when people are considering traveling to the Christian Surfers International Gathering. We have found that many email exchanges have common questions, so we are listing those in advance here. Please review this first, and if you still have a questions you can use our Facebook Group, or you can email us.


Schedule: On-site registration opens on September 23 at 13:00, with the Gathering beginning with dinner at 18:00. The Gathering ends after lunch at 14:00 on September 28.

Visas: Check here first regarding visa questions.

Venue: Please visit for more information on the gathering location.

Children’s Program: There will be childcare available for grommies age 3-11. This is free as a part of your conference fees.

Meals: 15 meals will be provided, beginning with dinner on the 23rd and ending with lunch on the 28th. This is part of your Gathering fees.

Council Meeting: The Council Meeting will be held on September 22 (one day before conference begins), starting at 09:00. All National Leaders and Board Chairs should be present.

Airport: The nearest airport is Biarritz (30 mins away) but there are limited flights unless you fly through Paris, other good options are Bordeaux (1hr 45) and Bilbao, Spain (2 hrs)

Airport Transfers: We will be providing limited airport transfers at a cost. These will be restricted to a couple of days before and after the Gathering for arrivals and departures at Biarritz and Bordeaux only. Download full transfer information here. Hiring a car is also a good option. We have created a helpful guide for renting cars in France. If you need a ride, keep track on our Facebook Group as we will aim to connect people to share rides and confirm any plans for airport transfers.

CSALT Intensive: Christian Surfers Advanced Leadership Training will explore unique areas of interest. We are offering four tracks - Surf Church, Groundswell Aid, Chaplaincy and Leadership. The purpose of this additional level of training is to dive deeper into particular subjects which will only be topically covered during the main Gathering. If any of these areas are of interest to you, book your time at CSALT happening October 1-3.

For all other enquires and anything else not covered, please direct your questions to our Facebook Group or email




Things you need to do to make sure you can attend the Gathering:

  • Register and pay

  • Book flights

  • Apply for Schengen Visa (required for most international delegates)

  • Purchase travel insurance (strongly recommended for all delegates)

  • Join our Facebook Group (optional, but you'll make us happy :)

If you have any questions please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions section.