CS Training Opportunities

  • Spend 5 months surfing, learning, serving and travelling with the CSALT Program in Jeffreys Bay, South Africa! The course has been designed to train and equip leaders for surf ministry, and at the same time gives you an amazing chance to see the coastline of South Africa (and get a few waves at J-Bay of course...). Their goal is to see you identify your passions and then get trained up to go and make a difference in the surf and skate communities. Visit their website for more info!
  • CS Australia host a junior leadership school each year called New Swell. New Swell is a week focused on equipping and empowering the young leaders of Australia to share the good news of Jesus to the surfing community! Participants will be learning about mission in sub-culture, faith in business within the context of the surf industry and what discipleship looks like down at your local! Find out more on the CS Australia website.
  • Christian Surfers Discipleship Training School in YWAM Perth and Margaret River, Australia. Together you will encounter God (3 month lectures), join in the Great Commission (3 month outreach with CS) and be equipped to bring Jesus to your local surf community. Visit their website for details.


Non-CS, Surfer-Friendly Opportunities

  • Surfing the Nations. Honolulu, Hawaii. Year round discipling and missions course. Learn more on their website.
  • Ride Nature have 3, 6, and 12 month internship opportunities and discipleship training through missions focused on action sports outreach and evangelism. Visit their website for more info.
  • YWAM Boarders DTS Chile. This is a sports, surf and arts Discipleship Training School (DTS) that is one of the cheapest DTS's we have seen and it is located at one of the world's best surf destinations, with a base leader who is a keen surfer. Courses are bilingual with content in Spanish and English. Visit their website for more info.
  • YWAM Surfers DTS. Sunshine Coast, Australia. 6 month surfers DTS. Visit their website for details.
  • YWAM Surfers DTS, Biarritz, France. Offering a 3 month lecture phase in Biarritz followed by a 3 month outreach into North and West Africa. Courses are bilingual with content in French and English. Visit their website for more info.
  • YWAM February Surfers/Backpackers DTS, Byron Bay, Australia. Be equipped in a 3-month lecture phase, joining what God is doing in the local surf and backpacker community in one of the best surf locations in Australia, before reaching the nations on a 3-month missions trip. Visit their website for details.
  • Surfers For Missions International YWAM. Maui, Hawaii. SFMI 6 month DTS. Visit their website for more info.