For 38 years I have served a network of over 400 sports ministries that now exist in 170 countries. What CSI is doing is unique, effective and an essential model of global ministry. To my knowledge CSI is the only ministry that serves one sport on a worldwide basis. Pioneers are not easy to find and I’m thankful for the unrelenting passion CSI have brought to the Lord’s work.
— Eddie Waxer, Founder, International Sports Coalition
Around the world surfers are an unreached people group, a global subculture that needs to hear the gospel and see it lived out in their own context through the lives of radical authentic Christians. CSI is uniquely positioned as an organization to both reach surfers and to train and mobilise them to reach not only their own peers, but also members of the wider youth culture influenced by ‘surf culture’. I enthusiastically give CSI my full commendation.
— Bill Hodgson, Australian Director, Campus Crusade for Christ
I have known this great ministry from its beginning and am thrilled as to how God has taken hold of this cultural group to encourage them in their identity.
— Tom Hallas, Asia Pacific Director, YWAM
Christian Surfers is the highlight of my sons week, he loves to go and would never miss it, we are so glad they take the time out for our kids.
— Unchurched mother of 15-year-old grommet in Australia
The work of CSI is a vital cog in the network of missions across the world...The surfing subculture is extremely difficult to break into. Over the years Christian Surfers has not only been able to get a foot in the door but now has a significant voice and credibility in the international surfing community.
— David Wraight, International Director, Youth For Christ
I grew up in the surfing culture. As a worker with Opportunity International, I have the privilege to work in Christian development in many cultures. Both experiences have convinced me that few organisations so effectively bridge a cultural gap like Christian Surfers. Christian Surfers works because they love surfing and they love God. Only people with this level of sincerity are able to reach into the surfing culture as effectively as these guys.
— Simon Lynch, Opportunity International, Australia
God is working through subcultures and influencing the wider culture in doing so. CSI are playing a vital role in this work. CSI will be making a significant impact for Jesus wherever they are led to be involved.
— Tom Hackett, Founder and Director, Alternative Missions, USA
Christian Surfers connected with me on the beach in Cronulla back in the 80’s through its weekly beach evangelism program. As a 15-year-old grommet they opened their home to me and modeled and introduced Jesus to me in a way that was relevant and understandable to me. They further went on to give me my first experiences with evangelism and missions. Thanks CS.
— Ric, Australasia Regional Coordinator, Christian Surfers International
Christian Surfers adheres to a philosophy that promotes virtues such as integrity, commitment, diligence, servanthood and enthusiasm for God. I have witnessed the idol of surfing overcome by a new love, devotion and enthusiasm for God.
— Eric Arakawa, HIC Shaper and Elder, The Mission, Hawaii
The Christian Surfers model, their passion for surfers and the generous wisdom from their leadership has been instrumental in establishing Snowboarders for Christ in Canada. It is a God-led organization that is having an impact outside of the even their target audience.
— Bruce Nelson, Former International Director, Snowboarders for Christ
Christian Surfers have been a terrific blessing to churches I have led both here in the UK and in New Zealand as an Anglican minister. The Jesus Surf Classic has a huge impact on the young people and recently CS have just run an excellent skate competition in the park. Many of our young people and adults have grown in the their faith serving at CS events on UK beaches. I recommend them with thanks to God for all they do.
— Rev. Ken Boullier, Former Rector, Holy Trinity, Nailsea, UK
Christian surfers has shown God’s heart for a special worldwide culture. This international network in which personal relationships are so important, demonstrates the way He wants to build His Kingdom. CS has cleared the path for other ministries to be birthed today. It has been a big inspiration and encouragement for new ministers who take part in the riders culture!
— Bart Huyghe, Chosen Clothing Europe
Serving Christ through Christian Surfers has been my heart and passion since I first stepped into a meeting as a grommet in Cronulla in 1995. Now as I move into my tenth year of serving God through Christian Surfers, I marvel at the power of God who has used this ministry to bring transformation into the lives of countless surfers throughout the world. It continues to be a joy and a privilege to be used by God in impacting the world surfing community through the family of Christian Surfers.
— Ado, Indo Pioneer
I’ve been able to travel the world on the ASP World Tour and been so appreciative of the support Christian Surfers has given me worldwide. I am stoked to be a part of it.
— Glyndyn Ringrose, Former Professional Surfer, Australia
Son Surf (Christian Surfers) have built into the lives and disciple a generation of Young people who have had very little role models. They ministry plays a vital role in the South African surf culture.
— Pastor Pedro A Erasmus, AOG Edgemead, South Africa