Christian Surfers Denmark

Our story starts with a young man having a desire to surf, but he lived in Denmark and he didn't know anybody who surfed. He then went to Australia for a year and got truly stoked on surfing. When he returned he started to surf in Denmark. In '92 he flew to Hawaii to surf and went to a Bible study for surfers at Eric Arakawa's house. Before he left Hawaii he gave his life to Jesus at the Bible study.

Many years went by with many trips to Hawaii and around the world. Then he met his wife, had children, and attended different ministries at church. But he had an urge to do something with surfers.

So he listened to the call, responded to the call and acted on the call, all in faith. He went to the Christian Surfers International Gathering in France 2018 with his son. When they got back a guy from Australia with a Danish wife joined them and they started Christian Surfers Denmark in 2019.