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That every surfers and every surfing community has opportunity to know and follow Jesus


Christian Surfers currently exists in 38 nations from every corner of the earth

Our goal is to see every surfer and every surfing community have the opportunity to know and follow Jesus, which includes over 120 surfable nations! If there is no established CS mission in your area, but you think there may be potential to set one up, get in contact with us. We will always be excited to discuss opportunities to reach more surfers!

Click on our map below to learn more about a particular nation. Dark blue is where we are, light blue is where we want to be.

Christian Surfers

Affiliated Nations

Our current structure breaks the world into three distinct areas, based on time zones. We connect in smaller regions, across larger areas and also internationally at different levels. Select an area below to find the nation you are interested in or to contact your Regional Coordinator.



(North, Central & South America)

North America
Regional Coordinator: Jimmy Kaiser
Canada | USA

North Central America
Regional Coordinator: Dennis Leon
México | El Salvador | Guatemala

South Central America
Regional Coordinator: Damián Boza
Panamá | Costa Rica

Spanish Caribbean
Regional Coordinator: Luis Gutierrez
Venezuela | Dominican Republic | Cuba

English Caribbean
Regional Coordinator: Wes Hewson

South America
Regional Coordinator: Aldo Ventura
Brazil | Chile | Ecuador | Peru | Uruguay


(Europe / Middle East / Africa)

Regional Coordinator: Phil Williams
Denmark | France | Germany | Holland | Norway | Portugal | Spain | Sweden | Switzerland | United Kingdom

Regional Coordinator: Rehgert van Zyl
South Africa

Indian Ocean Islands
Regional Coordinator: Andre Holl


(Asia / Pacific)

Regional Coordinator: Ric Ho
Australia | Indonesia | Japan | Taiwan | Thailand

Regional Coordinator: Nev Wells
Fiji | New Zealand | Solomon Islands | Tahiti | Vanuatu



Other ways to connect...

Surf Church

Old Salts

Groundswell Aid



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