Pali Pro Jamaica

by Wes Hewson

The Daytona Beach chapter of CSUS helped serve the Jamaican Surfing Association for the third year in a row in Jamaica. The Pali Pro was held at the Palisades near Kingston, Jamaica. Swell conditions were good for the contest with consistent four to six foot waves pushing in.

Serving included help with setup, judging, tabulating and just being a presence for support. Relationships were strengthened and new ones were started. Surfing new breaks and other consistent breaks with the locals continues to strengthen the mission.

Huge inroads are being accomplished by the serving mission of Christian Surfers. Seeds are being planted for future missions to Jamaica. Praise God for doors that continue to be opened, including prayer with a few of the Jamaicans on the last day of trip. Pray for the Jamaican Surfing Association and God’s will to guide CS as we continue to serve in Jamaica.

Corona Open J-Bay Service

by Henku Grobler

The build-up to the Corona Open J-Bay without doubt followed the beauty of so many years before; winter sunrises met with endless lines pouring into the bay. This usually ensues with some mixed emotions for the locals of this small, coastal town - excitement to see the world's top surfers ripping perfect waves at Supers, at the same time feeling your heart drop as you count the surfers in the lineup like you count stars in the sky.

The stoke-levels, however, skyrocketed within the service team after the first prayer meeting. The initial few days of the waiting period saw six-foot waves peeling down the point, with the comp on hold. Once the commissioner made his decision to run the event, Jeffreys Bay made its decision to show off some of the best swell we have ever seen. This is for sure why most would argue that 2017's competition might just go down as one of the greatest events in surfing history. With unreal conditions, countless ten-point rides, a perfect heat, a surfing safety-boat and two shark scares ... not to mention the headlines.

Christian Surfers share in great favour with the World Surf League; having the annual opportunity to play such influential roles behind the scenes. We had such amazing opportunity to serve on different scales and help make sure that schedules run smoothly. We were able to work with the staff, surfers and their families on tour and ultimately create room for Jesus to pour out His love on them and be revealed to them.

Beach Kids Games

by Luis Guiterrez

We are thankful to God for another great year of the Beach Kids Games in Venezuela, where 60 kids attended to listen to the good news through the discovery Bible, surfing, beach soccer and plays.

In the 10 years of the Venezuela Beach Kids Games, our country has gone through its most difficult times. The great political, social and economic crisis has impacted every aspect of the community. It is very hard to mobilize people with the violent protests happening here and even harder to find food for the kids, but once again God is so faithful.


As a result of the lack of wheat in our nation, it is very difficult find any bread in the bakeries. For many weeks there has been no sandwiches in the supermarkets, but just one day before the Kids Games sandwich bread arrived in the supermakets of our town. One kid said, "Thanks God, because I have not eaten a sandwich in months."

Another remarkable part of this year's event is that after teaching about the principle of inclusion for the first time we had three attendees with disabilities involved in the games, two of the kids, Angel and Jesus, along with Irene, a Christian Paralympic athele who shared her testimony with the kids.


The picture above is of Jesus, a 14-year-old kid who was born whitout legs. He surfs, plays soccer, rides skateboards and does amazing things! He can inspire others, but most importantly he received the greatest inspiration from God.

Thanks for all your support and prayers!

ISA World Surfing Games 2017

by Phil Williams
(Español debajo)

In my role as Regional Coordinator for Christian Surfers in Europe, when I found out that the ISA World Surfing Games was going to be held in Europe for the first time since 2007, I felt a very strong calling to commit to being involved in it (whatever that meant).

As the event got closer I was aware there would be one or two other CS contacts involved throughout the event, but had no idea quite how many and what roles they would have.

With that in mind I booked a plane and the car and prayed for divine appointments and a role to play during the Games, as well as doing some other CS Europe business in Northern Spain and looking at a potential International Conference venue for 2018 near Hossegor.

What a fantastic time it turned out to be, some of the CS involvement included Alex Reynolds (Africa Regional Coordinator) working for the ISA in a key role throughout the games, Eric Zbaren (CS Switzerland) had been chosen as team manager for the Swiss team, Hutch (team New Zealand) was on the management team from New Zealand, as well as his son Taylor competing for New Zealand.

In addition we met up with Joey Buran, who was with the US coaching team. Jessica Anderson (Chile) and Bianca Buitendag (South Africa) were also surfing as part of their nation's teams.

Through a mad set of events I found myself being involved in the management of the English team, but also being photographer to assist the Swiss, English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh teams, as well as connecting with many other European teams.

It was so encouraging to meet up on a daily basis with some of the CS friends during the 10 days and we also had the opportunity to pray at various stages throughout the event.

Giving thanks for the contacts, not just the CS contacts, that we were able to connect with and it was an honour to be involved in such a well-run and professional World Surfing Games in preparation for the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020.

God is good #stepoutinfaith.

En mi rol como coordinador regional para Christian Surfers Europa, cuando descubrí que los ISA World Surfing Games se llevarían a cabo en Europa por primera desde 2007, sentí un gran llamado a involucrarme de alguna manera.

Mientras se acercaba el evento supe que dos o tres contactos de CS estarían involucrados con el campeonato pero realmente no sabia cuantos en total o que roles iban a asumir.

Con eso en mente agende mi vuelo y un auto y ore que el Señor me diera citas divinas y un rol en el evento. También aproveche de hacer algunas otras cosas para CS en el norte de España y fue a ver algunos posibles lugares que tener la conferencia Internacional CS para el 2018 cerca de Hossegor.

Terminó siendo un tiempo fantástico, algunos de los miebros de CS que estaban involucrados con el evento eran Alex Reynolds (Coordinador Regional Africa) trabajando en un rol clave para la ISA, Eric Zbaren (CS Suiza) ha sido elegido como el team manager del equipo Suizo, Hutch (Team Nueva Zelandia) estaba trabajando para el team Nueva zelandés junto a su hijo Taylor que estaba compitiendo en el equipo.

También me encontré con Joey Buran, que es el coach del equipo EEUU. Jessica Anderson (Chile) y Bianca Buitendag (Sudáfrica) estaban surfeando por sus países.

Por una serie de circunstancias termine trabajando como manager en el equipo Ingles, pero también como fotógrafo para ayudar al equipo Suizo, Ingles, Irlandés, Escoses y Gales, aparte de conectar con otros equipos Europeos.

Fue de mucho animo poder reunirme con algunos amigos CS todos los días y tuvimos a oportunidad de orar en diferentes momentos durante el evento.

Doy gracias por los contactos, no solamente los contactos CS, con los cual pude conectar y fue un honor tomar parte de un excelente evento en preparación para los Juegos Olímpicos de Tokyo 2020.

Old Salts NZ Trip 2017

by Bruce Baker
(Español debajo)

Our party of eight Old Salts gathered at Sydney airport on May 13th with thoughts turned towards long, desolate point breaks bordered by lush green farmlands and glimpses of a brooding, snow covered Mt Taranaki beyond. Old acquaintances were renewed and new friendships begun. Getting there... a long day of travel compressed by timezone creep, distress calls to spouses over a forgotten passport, a comical scene (involving NZ customs dogs, BD's board bag and a dead rat), and the challenge of strapping 14 boards onto the roof of our rental car. Our weariness was soon forgotten when we woke to chest-high clean Graveyards lefts, right out front, and the green farmlands did come right up to the waters edge. A magical place indeed.

Some highlights... evening conversations where we looked at what it means to live our lives with Jesus (not just for him), radical discipleship, romancing a woman for a lifetime, giving for Jesus. Then there was meeting the new CS NZ National Director Logan Mills – a frothing, faithful servant seeking God's plans for the movement. We helped the local CS crew serve at a Primary School contest. Great hospitality of CS NZ Board Member Nev Wells providing everything from surf reports to fresh chicken direct from his farm. And of course sharing waves and stories with each other in this unspoilt and unhurried place, from Stent Road clean and glassy, Arawhata with just the eight of us out, and Graveyards lefts right in front of our batch.

Too soon, the week was drawing to a close. The weather had also turned. The NZ Metservice synoptic showed the 'L' of a 992mb system right over the top of us. Swellnet was calling for 12-15ft and 45 knots onshore. BD used Jedi mind tricks to convince two of our group to join him in one last surf in the storm-driven mess and fading light. And then we were strapping those 14 boards back onto the roof of the rental and looking forward to seeing loved ones again.

Nuestro grupo de ocho “Old Salts” se juntó en el aeropuerto de Sídney el 13 de Mayo con nuestras mentes enfocadas en puntas largas y solitarias a la orilla de campos verdes y con una vista del solemne Mt Taranaki mas allá. Viejas amistades fueron renovadas y también se hicieron nuevos amigos. Llegar ahí fue un día largo de viaje, que incluyó cambio de hora, una llamada desesperad a la esposa por un pasaporte olvidado, una escena bastante cómica (algo que ver con los perros de aduana, la funda de BD, y una rata muerta), y el desafío de amarar 14 tablas al techo del auto que arriendamos. Nuestro cansancio fue rápidamente olvidado cuando despertamos a ver las increíbles izquierdas de Graveyard’s justo al frente, y los campos verdes que llegaban casi al borde del mar. Sin duda un lugar mágico.

Unos puntos notables fueron… conversaciones al atardecer donde hablamos sobre que significa vivir vidas con Jesús (no solamente para el), discipulado radical, enamorar a una mujer de por vida, entregando para Jesús. Después hubo una reunión con el nuevo Directo Nacional de CS NZ Logan Mills – un increíble siervo que busca el plan de Dios para el movimiento. Ayudamos al equipo local de CS en un campeonato de escuela primaria. Gran hospitalidad de parte de Nev Wells que es miembro de Board CS NZ, nos ayudo con todo desde el reporte de olas en la mañana hasta llevándonos pollo fresco directo de su granja. Fue increíble compartir olas y historias unos con otros en un lugar tan tranquilo, Stent Road perfecto y glaseado, Arawhata con solo nosotros 8 en el agua, y las izquierdas de Graveyard’s al frente de donde alojábamos.

La semana ya estaba por terminar. El clima cambió. El servicio meteorológico de NZ mostraba la L de un sistema de 992mb justo arriba de nosotros. Swellnet pronosticaba olas de entre 12-15 pies y 45 nudos de viento. BD usó trucos mentales Jedi para convencer a dos del grupo que le acompañaran a surfear en ese desorden con poca luz y después atamos otra vez esas 14 tablas en el techo del auto que arriendamos ya ansioso por ver a nuestros seres queridos de nuevo.