CSDR 8th Annual CS Cup

by Nick Sammons

The 8th annual Christian Surfers Cup, hosted by Quiksilver and CS Dominican Republic, went off in great waves with a missions team from CSUS along to serve.

Throughout the week, the CSUS team partnered with the local CSDR crew and Ninos de la Luz. Ninos de la Luz is a local boys home which aims to take boys off the streets and place them in a family environment where they live, learn and grow together. The team worked on several projects from cementing, digging a ditch to bury water and electrical lines, and even putting in some shiplap walls in one of the classrooms. 

The next few days the team served as judges and tabulators for the CS Cup, held at Playa Encuentro. The contest saw close to 80 competitors from various parts of the country and CSDR and the CSUS team were able to share the stoke through the whole contest and the awards ceremony! The Lord provided surf for the contest after quite a bit of stress over a windy forecast. It’s incredible to see what a quick bond surfing can provide in a completely different culture.

During down time at the house between serving or catching a surf, the CSUS team took turns leading a Bible study around the dinner table together.

The CSUS missions trip to serve at the CS Cup has been happening for many years and you could join them in 2019!

For more info on Ninos de la Luz check out their website.

Changed Life: Johan Vrey


by Johan Vrey

My parents had always been believers and I had always attended church with them growing up in Cape Town. I can remember worshiping at children’s church and feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit at the tender age of 8. Even though I grew up attending church and being in a safe bubble of the local church community I was always influenced by the happenings of the outside world. I did not always have a relationship with the Lord. I started surfing at the age of 13 and by the time I was 17 I had met a crew of Christian Surfers at my local beach in Cape Town. I was always a shy boy who found it tough to make friends, because of this I cherished the relationships I built with my new Christian surfer friends and attended the weekly gatherings of CS in my local area. Through the platform presented at my local CS my confidence and faith grew incredibly and I ended up becoming a leader at the same weekly CS gathering a couple years later. This is when I saw my relationship with the Lord grow exponentially. As time passed I became more and more involved within CS South Africa and linked up with CS clubs around the country through the annual CS South Africa National Gatherings.

Through the new relationships built, I was given the opportunity to travel around South Africa and represent Christian Surfers nationally through serving at some the biggest WQS and junior contests in the country. By serving and rubbing shoulders with the most influential characters within the SA surf industry I realised the massive opportunity we have to positively impact the local surf industry and the young surfers through spreading the love of Jesus. Many hours of hard work were put in to the last contest season and many strong relationships were built between CS and the local figures within the South African surf industry. More and more key figures in the industry are opening up to CS and becoming more inviting, this confirms that there is a revival occurring in the surf industry here at the Southern tip of Africa. I have witnessed first-hand how Jesus is working through this surf industry and impacting many people in the process. I can only be excited for what the Lord has in store for Christian Surfers and the local surf community here in South Africa. 

As for myself CS has provided a platform for me along the years to combine my passions and my faith. Even the smallest of CS gatherings have such a large impact on surf communities. I can confirm this through my experiences throughout the years. I look forward to seeing what the Lord has in store for CS South Africa. So many surfers have been impacted by the love of Jesus within the local surf industry. Through my experiences I believe this is only the start of something incredibly big.

A Message from our International Director


If You gave Your life to love them...so will I

by Roy Harley, Christian Surfers International Director
(Español debajo)

For me, the Pipe Masters event is synonymous with late nights as it's literally on almost the exact opposite side of the planet from J-Bay.  In spite of this, it was exhilarating to witness a very worthy John John Florence receive his second crown as the current reigning king of high-performance surfing. He and his cohort have certainly taken our sport to new heights, and I imagine that so many are looking at his equipment, asking advice and no doubt a plethora of grommies will be trying to bury that rail ensuring a wonderful future for power surfing.

All of this excitement and accompanying influence lead me to reflect, not on a surfing king and his temporal reign but on the eternal King of Kings. I found myself lost in wonder, not looking at a perfect rail carve on an ocean wave but captivated by the sea of stars as they stretch across my African sky. A celestial hallelujah trail in homage to their Creator and King.

I can't but worship because I am a beneficiary of His amazing grace, that saved a wretch like me. I have breathed in his gift of joyful life and forgotten a world of fear and death. This full life is why with the songwriter I sing: 

"As the stars were made to worship, so will I. If the oceans roar Your greatness, so will I. For everything exists to lift You high...If You gave Your life to love them, so will I." (Hillsong)

A life given in love is as fleeting as a breath in time and this caused me to reflect on those moments of life and love experienced by our Christian Surfers clan this year. 

I thought of Javier, whose testimony you can read in the new edition of the Spanish Surfers Bible. The poignancy of this is that it was the first edition of the Spanish Surfers Bible, given through a life that loved him, that created the opportunity for Javier to know and follow Jesus. 

I thought of Marquito, our brother, who is one of our chaplains, and in spite of a broken hand traveled to Hawaii to pour out his life in love so that surfers can know and follow Jesus. I received this message from Marquito just last week: "Seven people understood the message and gave their lives to the Lord. We give them Bibles and these young people have already begun to attend weekly Bible studies..."

I thought of Groundswell Aid and our five global projects and mission partners, where lives of love are practically helping.  Specifically, I thought of how through Groundswell Aid - Andre and Yvette from Hope House are going to be able to build a woodwork workshop because, through Christian Surfers, Groundswell was able to advocate for their project and one of our mission partners has decided to fund it. This means that Hope House will continue to pour out its love and life-changing impact on disadvantaged surf kids and their community in the townships of Mauritius. I also thought of Dave who through Groundswell Aid felt so connected with another mission partner Aleph Surf that he decided to pay the university fees for two young women for whom university was financially out of reach. Through lives of love, what started with a surf lesson by Aleph on the beach, near a township in J-Bay, will end with a legal graduate upholding the cause of the Kingdom bringing justice and hope for the less fortunate.

I also thought in wonder, how lives of love have been poured out through our CSALT students, now serving in multiple geographic locations, our Surf Church partners and their sandy feet friendly congregations, our national leaders across the globe championing His kingdom in a multiplicity of contexts. I thought of our Regional Coordinators and all their travel, and time away from family to empower this story of love all over the globe. I thought of our self-sacrificing board and our amazing back-office staff. I thought of our mission partners and their prayers and finances. And finally in explosive worship, every local mission leader, seeking to pour out their life of love so that every surfer and every surfing community will have opportunity to know and follow this King, Jesus. YEW!!!!

So as we surf our last wave into the sunsets of 2017 let us be determined to pour out our fleeting life of love again on all of our surfing tribe when we wake up to surf in 2018. And with the songwriter be brave enough to sing:

"If You gave Your life to love them...so will I."

Si tu entregaste tu vida para amarlos…yo también lo hare

Por Roy Harley, Director Internacional de Christian Surfers

Para mi, el Pipe Masters es sinónimo con trasnochar ya que literalmente esta en el otro lado del planeta de J-Bay. A pesar de esto, fue emocionante ver a John John Florence recibir por segunda vez su muy merecida corona como el rey del surf high-performance del momento. El y su generación han llevado nuestro deporte a otro nivel y me imagino que muchos están mirando sus tablas, pidiendo consejos y sin dudas un montón de grommets lo van a estar imitando y con esto asegurar un gran futuro para el surfing.

Toda esta emoción y influencia me llevo a reflexionar, no tanto en un rey del surf y su reinado temporal sino en el Rey de Reyes. Me vi asombrado, no por las maniobras en una ola en el océano sino por el mar de estrellas en el cielo africano.  Un aleluya celestial en homenaje a su creador y rey.

No puedo hacer mas que adorar porque soy un beneficiado de su sublime gracia, que salvo a un pecador como yo. He respirado su regalo de vida llena de gozo y olvidado el mundo del temor y la muerte. Esta es una vida plena y por eso junto al cantante canto:

"Como las estrellas fueron hechas para adorar, yo también lo hare. Si los mares rugen con tu grandeza, yo también lo hare. Porque todo existe para exaltarte… Si entregaste tu vida en amor a ellos, yo también lo hare." (Hillsong)

Una vida entregada en amor es tan pasajero como un respiro en el tiempo y esto me hizo reflexionar en esos momentos de la vida y el amor experimentado por nuestro clan Christian Surfers este año.

Pensé en Javier, y su testimonio que pueden leer en la nueva edición de la Biblia del Surfista en español. Es tan poderoso que también estaba en la primera edición de Biblia del Surf. A través de una persona que lo amo tuvo la oportunidad de conocer y seguir a Jesús.

Pensé en Marquito, nuestro hermano, que es uno de los capellanes, y a pesar de una mano quebrada viajo a Hawái para entregar de su vida en amor para que surfistas pudieran conocer y seguir a Jesús. Recibí este mensaje de Marquitos las semana pasada: “ Siete personas entendieron el mensaje y entregaron su vida al Señor. Les entregamos biblias y estos jóvenes empezaron a ir a estudios bíblicos semanales…”

Pensé en Groundswell  Aid y nuestros cinco proyectos globales y colaboradores en misiones, donde se esta sirviendo de manera practica en amor. Específicamente, pensé como a través de Groundswell Aid – Andre y Yvette de Hope House van a poder construir un taller de madera porque a través de Christian Surfers, Groundswell pudo promover su proyecto y uno de nuestros colaboradores en misiones decidieron financiarlo. Esto significa que Hope House seguirá entregando su amor e impacto que transforma vidas a niños surfistas de bajos recursos en Mauritas. También pensé en Dave que a través de Groundswell Aid se sintió conectado a otro colaborador en misiones, Aleph Surf, y decidió financiar la universidad para dos jóvenes para quienes la educación superior parecía algo inalcanzable. A través de vidas de amor, lo que empezó con una clase de surf, terminara con una abogada licenciada que promoverá la causa del Reino trayendo justicia y esperanza a los menos afortunados.

También pensé en cuantas vidas de amor han sido entregadas a través de nuestros estudiantes CSALT, ahora sirviendo en diferentes lugares geográficos, nuestros colaboradores Surf Church y sus congregaciones abiertos a surfistas, nuestros lideres alrededor del mundo promoviendo su reino en múltiples contextos. Pensé en nuestros Coordinadores Regionales y sus viajes, y tiempo lejos de familia para empoderar esta historia de amor alrededor del mundo. Pensé en la entrega de nuestro board y nuestra gente en la oficina internacional. Pensé en nuestros colaboradores en misiones y sus oraciones y finanzas. Y finalmente en cada líder de misión local que busca entregar su vida de amor para que cada surfista y cada comunidad de surf tenga la oportunidad de conocer y seguir a este Rey Jesús. YEW!!!

Así que mientras surfeamos nuestras ultimas olas del 2017 tengamos la convicción de entregar nuestra vida en amor otra vez a toda nuestra tribu de surf cuando despertemos a surfear en 2018. Y junto al cantante tener la valentía de catar:

"Si entregaste tu vida para amarlos… yo también lo hare"

Uruguay National Gathering 2017

by David Sundeep

It's an instinctive feeling of happiness when you see open water and an absolute pleasure when you get a chance to dive into it and of course it's superlatively fun if we have friends around. Those are the moments where we relived our childhood without any hesitation and such occassions happen so often in every summer with Christian Surfers Uruguay (CSU).

Uruguay, which is in the Southern Hemisphere, has its summer from Dec-Feb and is the time where many pop out of their houses and walk to the beach. There are many occasions where the Bible talks about healings happening around water. We as a group wanted to make ourselves available at these places where souls needed healing. So, we keep ourselves motivated and encouraged by the word of God.

Every year we have a custom to finish the year with a CSU camp outside the city and this year we have chosen to spend our surf camp for two days in Punta del Este, Uruguay. Punta del Este is to the east of the capital city Montevideo and is the place where we have decent waves to surf. Surf experts in the group were tracking and sending the wind / wave / weather forecast of the sea through WhatsApp which is Greek to the rookies in the group (here I am a rookie writing this article). However, everyone was excited to unzip there surf boards, zip-up wetsuits and get ready to go.

Day 1: Our CSU director Franco went early Friday morning to keep everything ready in the camping house and he sent a photo cleaning the swimming pool. Everyone wanted the weekend to start immediately. By the end of Friday evening everyone had reached the camp house in Punta del Este. We were happy to see some new faces in our camp. Franco and Etel's new-born baby boy, who is just 4 months old, was busy meeting new friends. It was a beautiful and cold night where we had "parrilla" (grilled barbecue), pizza, coke and nice conversation. We prayed and everyone slipped into their dorms to get some rest.

Day 2: Early Saturday morning, all men are up by 6 AM. The weather looks cloudy with a chilly breeze. We had a lite breakfast and headed to the coast with our surf equipment in search of finding good waves. After analyzing few spots our experts found a swell and decided this would be an apt place for rookies. Lars shared the devotion (word of God) about Solomon and how we should know God's perception and what / how to ask God according to His purpose. We prayed, waxed the boards, zipped the wetsuits and hit the water. Oh man! The water is freezing. It drizzled a bit while we surfed. We had a good time of fellowship while surfing, we usually surf in the same spot as a group. Altogether we surfed for 2 hours and headed back to our camp house.

Until evening we shared good conversations and friendship and then decided to hit the waves again. A few enjoyed surfing, while others rested and took photos around. After the sunset and before dinner, we had devotion led by our guest speaker Coco Hernández (Vida Uruguay) and finally we arranged our beds to take deep sleep. We could hear snoring from each dorm, God, thankyou for your presence all through this exhaustive day.

Day 3: Its cold. Wakeup-breakfast-setup the surfboards. It's even cold than the previous day! We enjoyed our morning surf session and our families visited while we were still surfing. We are done with our surfing in the camp. We returned to the camp house and after a while had fellowship and fun time with the kids around the pool as they flapped their hands over the surfboard. Finally we cleaned up the house and arranged everything as it was given to us. We had fun for all these three days and its time to wish "saludos y adios" to every one. We setup our surfboards and stacked all our belongings and bit of sand in our cars and drove to our cities.

All praise to God for His wonderful plan of bringing us together and experiencing His presence and Love.

Chile National Gathering 2017

by Nathan Anderson
(Español debajo)

Every year it is a great privilege for us to be able to come together as Christian Surfers Chile to enjoy friendship, fellowship and of course some fun waves. In the past we would camp out at Puertecillo, an amazing left point break a few miles north of my home in Pichilemu. But sadly the spot has been under development and finally the campsite by the point had to close down.

This year we decided to try another spot up little ways up the coast that is less known; Matanzas. The spot has some great waves but it has its challenges, the biggest problem is that it is very exposed to the wind and blows out easily, its actually a great place for windsurfing and because of that attracts people from all over the world.

Also in recent years this small town has become a nice little getaway for wealthy people from the city, meaning the prices in general were a bit higher than we were used to with these camps (we usually try to keep the price under $50 USD). After struggling for a few weeks trying to find a place to run the camp, by God's providence we we able to get a good deal on the campsite that was right on the beach. It is truly amazing how God provides for his children.

About 40 people were in attendance over the weekend it was a great time of communion and catching up with friends. We also had some new faces experiencing CS for the first time. Both Saturday and Sunday night we enjoyed dinner together and spent time in worship and the Word.

On our second day I found out that the caretaker (who was also the owner's father) was a Christian. They had moved to this small town a number of years ago far away from their church in Santiago. During the time they had little fellowship (and of course his son, the owner, is a surfer) so he was stoked to have a group of Christians staying in his campsite. Before leaving I gave him a Surfers Bible. I had to drive home late Saturday night to be back at our Church for reformation Sunday. On the drive home I couldn’t help but reflect on God’s Providence through this whole camp. The new faces, new location. I couldn’t shake the feeling that a number of seeds were planted and we are only seeing the beginning of the new things God has in store for us as CS Chile.

Rom 11:33,36 "Oh, the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are his judgments and how inscrutable his ways! ... For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To him be glory forever. Amen."

Cada año es un gran privilegio para nosotros reunirnos como Christian Surfers Chile para disfrutar un tiempo de amistad, comunión y por supuesto buenas olas. En el pasado hacíamos nuestro campamento en Puertecillo, una punta de izquierda increíble a unos kilómetros de mi casa en Pichilemu. Lamentablemente hay un desarrollo inmobiliario que están cambiado el lugar y finalmente el camping tuvo que cerrar.

Este año decidimos probar un nuevo lugar que es menos conocido y solo unos kilómetros al norte, Matanzas. El lugar tiene muy buenas olas pero también sus desafíos. El problema mas grande es que esta muy expuesto al viento que destruye la ola fácilmente, de hecho es un spot de categoría mundial para practicar windsurf y eso atrae a muchos turistas.

En los últimos años este pueblo pequeño se ha convertido en un buen destino para gente de la ciudad con buena situación económica. Por lo tanto los precios en general eran un poco mas elevados de los que estamos acostumbrados con estos campamentos (generalmente intentamos mantener el precio en unos $50 USD). Después de varias semanas luchando por encontrar un lugar para el campamento, por la providencia de Dios encontramos un buen camping a un buen precio que estaba justo al frente de la playa. Realmente es increíble como Dios provee para sus hijos.

Unas 40 personas estaban presentes ese fin de semana y fue un gran tiempo de comunión y compartir con bueno amigos. También llegaron algunas personas nuevas que experimentaron CS pro primera vez. Sábado y Domingo en la noche disfrutamos de cenando juntos y después un tiempo de alabanza y el la Palabra.

El segundo día descubrí que el cuidador (el padre del dueño) es cristiano. Se habían mudado a ese pueblo pequeño desde Santiago hace varios años lejos de su iglesia y les había costado encontrar una congregación en esa zona (el dueño, su hijo, es surfista) así que estaba feliz de tener un grupo de jóvenes cristianos en su campamento. Antes de salir le regale una Biblia del Surfista. Tuve que manejar a casa tarde el sábado en la noche para estar en nuestra iglesia para el aniversario de la Reforma. En el camino a casa no dejaba de pensar en la soberanía de Dios sobre nuestro campamento. Las caras nuevas, ubicación nueva. Sin duda varias semillas fueron platadas ese fin de semana y estamos viendo solo el inicio de las cosas nuevas que Dios tiene para nosotros como CS Chile.

Rom 11:33,36 NBLH  ¡Oh, profundidad de las riquezas y de la sabiduría y del conocimiento de Dios! ¡Cuán insondables son Sus juicios e inescrutables Sus caminos!... Porque de El, por El y para El son todas las cosas. A El sea la gloria para siempre. Amén.