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That every surfers and every surfing community has opportunity to know and follow Jesus



We believe in empowering our leaders to reach fellow surfers and their surfing communities effectively

To this end we have developed key training programs, from weekend development sessions to months-long internships, in order to provide opportunities for surfers to grow in their relationship with the Lord and in their leadership skills.


Which training is right for me?

There are currently three main versions of training within CS, each requiring various levels of commitment.

Foundations Training

Designed for each CS leader to participate in, Foundations Training is key, no matter which level of leadership you are involved in.


Christian Surfers Advanced Leadership Training is for those looking to go deeper. Generally designed for younger leaders, though open to all, CSALT is a weeks or months-long program available in multiple nations.


There are many levels of Gatherings around the world, from national to regional, to international, with varying levels of training involved.


Latest Training News