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That every surfers and every surfing community has opportunity to know and follow Jesus


International Gathering

San Diego, California
September 7-12, 2020

Our International Gathering takes place once every two years in alternating areas. Our aim is to gather to train leaders, fellowship together, strengthen and encourage one another. We are a family on mission - we are in this journey together using this amazing tool of surfing to reach every surfer! Our next International Gathering is in San Diego, United States in 2020. Stay tuned for registration and more info!

In the meantime check out all of the sessions and highlights from our 2018 International Gathering in Hossegor, France.


Area & Regional Gatherings

In addition to meeting internationally, we also gather by areas and regions of nations. These meetings happen on differing schedules; some annually and some bi-annually in the off-year to the International Gathering.


Upcoming Area & Regional Gatherings


National Gatherings

Most of our affiliated nations host annual gatherings for the leaders and members within their nations. National Gatherings are a wonderful way for surfers to connect and see every surfing community within their country have opportunity to know and follow Jesus.


Upcoming National Gatherings