Christian Surfers Guatemala

During the first year of the Guatemalan National Surfing Championships, amidst a great environment of friends from all over the Guatemalan coast a Salvadorian surfer named Marcelo was handing out Christian Surfers stickers and the movie The Outsiders. Edgar Guillen was amongst the crowd and decided to ask him what this Christian Surfers thing was all about. Marcelo explained that it was a bunch of surfers from around the world that love Christ and encouraged Edgar to start CS in Guatemala. Marcelo put him touch with then CS North America Regional Coordinator Cal Fisher and in less than 15 days Cal came to Guatemala for a visit. They had meetings with Edgar's parents, close friends and some pastors that could support the mission. Just like that Christian Surfers Guatemala was on its way! Time flies and their desire to serve Him grows. God's grace and faithfulness are helping them along the way, no doubt about it. After 10 years CS Guatemala is in God's hands, surfing along and being a witness of His love and mercy for in many of their beaches. They are very excited about God's plans for Guatemala!


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