Christian Surfers Norway

The story of CSN started in 2009 when three friends met in a little town for studies. In the weekends they travelled two hours to surf. They felt God wanted them to not only to surf, but to pray for the surfers and the surf spots as well as ask for His guidance. Doors started to open. Surfers got interested in God and some wanted to come to church. The friends visited the local church and realized they had been praying for people that wanted to reach the surfers in their region.

A fire was started in the friends' hearts and they knew God was going to shake the surf community, not only at the local spot, but in the whole country. So they invited friends for three weeks to pray for the surfers in the area and in the country asking God for a new step. A guy from California mentioned Christian Surfers, and before they knew it they were invited to the CS international conference in Hawaii in 2010. From there there were no doubts but to start Christian Surfers Norway. Two of the friends moved to the surf spot and together with Christian surfers from around the country CS Norway was established.


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