Christian Surfers Switzerland

In 2010, Eric Zbären and some friends founded CS Switzerland after he was asked to give advise on "what Christian Surfers would do" in a difficult situation at the annual Swiss Surfing Champs, and this without CS being formally established in Switzerland. CS Switzerland grew out of an annual surf camp in collaboration with Athletes in Action. Through it we quickly connected with many Swiss surfers who share our love for Christ.

We currently have about 80 members in the official Swiss CS family, but we are seeing a lot more people becoming interested in our association. As we live a 10-hour drive away from the ocean, we do not have a full-time surf ministries, but over the years we have established a mutal friendship with the Swiss Surfing Association. A handful of surf and skate small groups have evolved that gather monthly in various locations around the country. Some of us are active in river-surf communites that exist in a couple of locations.

We are living, surfing and trying to serve in a culture that has often completely forgotten about our Creator. We are convinced that the serving character of Christ is the key to reach our surfing communities, which are still booming in landlocked Europe. Many of us have been travelling for a long time and have gotten to know CS friends around the globe which has been a huge blessing for many of us. We love to be part of the international CS community.