International Leadership Team Meetings

The last couple days have been filled with productive meetings featuring the International Leadership Team, along with various guests including Dennis Leon and Craig Rice from here in Costa Rica to discuss cross-cultural challenges, Chairman of the Board Marcus Judge, and others.

It has been great to have the wives and families of most of the ILT present to spend time sharing together as well, and special mention goes to the Ventura family who endured an unbelievable series of events to finally make it here - which left South American Regional Coordinator Aldo Ventura unfortunately absent from these photos and some of the meetings.

There has been many a spirited discussion and much committed to prayer. The second half of today was filled with discussion surrounding the next International Director and the future of the international office and mission.

This is one of the biggest steps in the history of Christian Surfers and once again your prayers would be appreciated as the ILT is joined early tomorrow by the Board and then later in the day an expanded group, featuring a handful of leaders from key nations to further share, discuss and pray over our future.