Los Mexicanos!

Mike and Vanessa Allbutt have been ministering as Christian Surfers in Mexico for the last 7 years and have had their fair share of ups and downs. For this conference, with its location, Mike realised he had an amazing opportunity to bring leaders and potential leaders from Mexico who would normally never be able to afford to do such.

He came up with the idea to drive their van the long distance down the coast from Oaxaca, Mexico, here to Costa Rica, filled with Mexican leaders, spending the four days of the drive down (and four days back!) listening to the whole Bible audibly and watching the Jesus movie.

There was some incredible stories from the drive and many close calls with border-crossings along the way. They were also able to swing by El Salvador and pick up Charlie Flores, a faithful leader from that nation, and make it affordable for him to attend.

Mike put out the call a relatively short time before conference to raise the $800 per person necessary to get each of the 8 leaders here and each person was miraculously funded. We're stoked they're here and boy are they stoked!