Opening Night

After all the build up, all the travel and all the sacrifices made to get here, seeing everyone come together for the first meeting last night was quite spectacular. Over 220 people from 26 nations all together under one bright yellow Costa Rican tent; here to worship, fellowship and share with others in our love for Jesus, and our desire for surfers to know him.

There was a lot of excitement and endless hugs - and also the return of our most infamous MC, Salvador Castellanos, this time joined by the Welshman, Johnny Hillman, for some insanity mixed with nervous laughter!

The Costa Rican national surf tour finished down the road from us at Playa Hermosa yesterday, a culmination of 8 comps, and Yogi, the runner-up of that event, is heavily involved in Christian Surfers, so he shared a little with us of his joy to have us here and encouraged us to surf for Jesus and not for men.

This was followed up by one of the crazier get-to-know-each-other games I've ever witnessed! But here we are, deep in Costa Rica, many nations, tribes and tongues, together to worship our Lord and serve Him in reaching our common tribe of surfers.