Day Three: Morning

Day 3 was the theme day for Australasia and the Pacific. It began with a beautiful time of worship, led by a local Costa Rican duo. Pretty much every facet of conference is a highlight, but certainly this times of worship together stand out in memory as very special.

Britt Merrick followed with his next session in 2 Timothy, encouraging and challenging us in our ministry. Once again, we highly recommend listening along to each of his sessions, which you can find below.

It was Francisca Sanchez from Chile's birthday, and being her first international conference she wasn't quite prepared for the onslaught of birthday song that started in one language and moved through many, many others!

Andre Holl also shared with us an encouraging word he had on his heart. Andre is from Mauritius and arguably travelled the furthest to get here. We are so stoked to have him with us for his first conference as well.