Welcome and First Day - Photos and Report

The 12th biannual Groundswell International Conference kicked off with an epic introduction to Australia for more than 200 delegates representing 26 nations. Our indigenous brothers welcomed us to country, called us to respect the land, the past and the future under God, and reminded us of the great hope of reconciliation through Jesus.

The band pumped out a melody of classic Aussie tunes, we were introduced to some of Australia’s unique wildlife, and were given a lesson on how to speak ‘Strayan’. We also celebrated the sharing of the sands ceremony that has come to be a staple of our international conference.

The most incredible part of the evening however is difficult to describe. It needs to be felt. It’s the energy of a tribe – of a family –  as it comes together with one heart and voice to celebrate its Maker. With so many nations together, it’s a taste of heaven on earth. And we get to experience this for the rest of the week... yew!

Aaron HughesComment