Day Three - Evening - Photos and Report

This year’s Regional Reports were hosted two CS Board members, Mark Edwards and Mark Chu, and our trusted Regional Coordinators kicked off the night with a jaunt down the catwalk in unique outfits. Fun. A little bit scary. And just what we’ve come to expect from these guys.

North America RC, Dustin, mesmerising in a kangaroo suit and jacket, told of six international missions trips from the region this past year; the most recent to Haiti. CS, in partnership with a surf school, successfully hosted the first surf contest in the history of the country – yew!

Europe RC, Phil, resplendent in a wig and striped shift dress, showed images of the first commercial inland wave in Wales and suggested that the challenge we have as a movement is to consider how we connect with this inland surfing community.

Recently appointed Africa RC, Alex, in a high-collared jacked and stylish skirt, shared his story of being equipped and growing in faith through his time at CSALT. An initial commitment of six months became two years, resulting in his appointment as RC and equipping him for his current job with the ISA.

Richo, RC for Australasia, rocked a tight vest, skirt and feathered head-piece. He shared about irresponsible tourism in the region, especially in Bali and Thailand, and reminded us that money + poverty can = compromising choices for locals. Richo profiled Mercy Huts (a registered NFP) who are intentionally giving back to the community through education, hospitality, tourism, hygiene and a partnership with a children’s home – a great example of responsible tourism. Check out their Surf Retreat and have a holiday with a purpose. 

Nev, newly appointed Pacific RC, looked fabulous in lycra and told the tribe about the latest in a new surfing nation – Vanuatu. He honoured John, who serves there with CS, for his ministry to kids. The goal this year is to get a team to Vanuatu to help John complete building his home. John is saving for and building, one brick at a time.

An Aldo impersonator representing South America and rocking purple velvet, shared of the heartbreak recently seen in his region as a result of the April earthquake in Ecuador. The impact has been felt in the surfing community with a surfer on tour losing his child, wife and parents. He spoke of the opportunity to partner in crisis relief and management and reminded us that, despite the heartache, it’s also an opportunity long term to show love to those affected and to minister in Jesus’ name.

Finally, Jodene, CSA Girls Coordinator, spoke of her passion for women to hear the ‘good news’ and to find their purpose and calling in life with God. Her heart is to see women – and men – partnering in ministry together, truly representing the image of God. A fun night of hearing about what God is doing in the nations.

Aaron HughesComment