Day Three - Morning - Photos and Report

This song is quickly becoming the conference anthem: “You’re a good, good Father. It’s who You are. And I’m loved by You. It’s who I am.” And singing it as one, big family on a mission is super special.

Day three saw us look at a Biblical perspective on Discipling with David Wraight. He challenged us to consider what Jesus wants for those we have been called to disciple, and asked us if we truly believe Jesus can transform someone’s life. We were reminded that God doesn’t want to change who we are – he simply wants us to be everything He created us to be. The serial ‘advice-givers’ were given a recommendation – to pray and point people to God’s Word. We were also encouraged to listen; coach; model (lead by example) and develop relationships of trust. During the reflection time we considered how we’re discipling and evaluated what’s been effective and ineffective practice. What discipling practices are you being challenged to Stop. Start. or Continue. today?

The afternoon was filled with excitement as the largest swell to hit this stretch of coast in a few years arrived, providing some great opportunities to watch big waves, while the brave few took on the big drops and even bigger duckdives!

Aaron HughesComment