Tuesday Morning Session


Tuesday morning was defined by two very distinct elements which bear no similarity whatsoever; Surf Church and sumo suits.

After a brilliant reminder from Brett & Gill Davis of who we are as a family on mission, both individually and collectively, the Surf Church element began with a recognition of local churches, which have been, and will continue to be, the backbone of Christian Surfers. Phil Williams and Matt Timms discussed the benefits of that incredible CS tradition before a collection of pastors announced the Surf Church Collective, which will be officially formed the day after our Gathering finishes.

George Hulse, Robbie O’Briend, Rich Ellerington and Dennis Leon each shared the heart behind the collective and their personal stories behind planting sandy-feet friendly churches. The panel continued into the next heat to answer the most often asked questions about Surf Church, joined by Troy Pitney.

The sumo suit element came into effect when our MC and Surf Church Hossegor pastor, Rich Ellerington, donned the suit to dole our punishment to fellow MC Jessi Muir for telling a lackluster joke. Hilarity and injury ensued.

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