Amami Island Inroads

by Amy Lachica

Christian Surfers Ryukyu, located in the southern islands of Japan, recently held a mission trip to their neighbouring island Amami. It was a significant time. It was the first inter-island mission, led by David Lacar to help jumpstart the Christian Surfers Amami chapter, with Satoshi Osa as chapter director. Satoshi received Christ just four years ago and has since attended Japan's National Conference and now is stepping out in faith to start something where he currently resides in Amami.

A Category 5 typhoon hit Amami just a few days prior to the main event. Luckily for us three we were able to score some epic waves the three days before. It provided us the perfect opportunity to hand out Beyond Sight DVD's and invite surfers to a movie night where we screened Walking on Water.

To say the weather got out of hand would be an understatement. We redeemed the time by befriending our fellow guest house guests. David whipped out his ukulele and sang and and taught a couple of others how to play Amazing Grace. It was really moving. Being on lockdown, we all ate our meals together and entertained each other. The guest house managers were amazing hosts. I gained a mother and father...Mom said that in her four years of working here that we were the most interesting group. I really enjoyed our nights breaking bread together.

The day of the main event we were planning to provide SUP lessons to a few high schoolers, but the wind was a howling 40+ mph, so that was a no go! Satoshi, being the most thoughtful host ever, instead took us to the poisonous snake museum/shop. Joy! Beautiful creatures despite their sting.

The typhoon passed and the event had a great turnout. Although mostly Satoshi's church members attended, we trust that this laid the perfect groundwork for his church to step up in their support of this ministry. We had a bilingual father and son also join us. He was conveniently placed in our hands to translate for us! Unfortunately the rest of the team, which included our translator, could not make it due to the typhoon, yet God provides.

Satoshi shared his testimony and David shared about Christian Surfers and what being a Christian is all about. Our translator friend did not take his role lightly, but took extra measures to make sure David's message was accurately delivered. We ended the night with rounds of rock, paper, scissors to give goodie bags away filled with surf paraphernalia. Following the event Satoshi was able to deliver a Japanese Surfers Bible to the translator, who also happens to own a SUP Shop, burger joint and inn. Imagine the potential he can reach if he alone makes Christ Lord!

This place has made such an impression on me that I haven't left as of this writing. I was supposed to have left 2 weeks ago. In the meantime, I've been studying Japanese. There are virtually no English speakers here, and they even have an Amamian dialect that differs from Tokyo, so language is a barrier. However, I am compelled to minister here as the population is 45,000 with far less than 100 believers in total. I believe only a love that comes from Him can compel me in such manner. After all, the tropical heat and humidity is debilitating and my oh my, spiders! They're huge! Oh and did I mention poisonous snakes?!?

There were a handful of believers who came to visit Satoshi from New Hope Tokyo two weeks later. He was able to provide SUP lessons to them. Mission accomplished!

Please pray for the Amamian people, along with the rest of the nation of Japan. Lastly, this is a big step for Satoshi as he is THE only known Christian surfer. So he is the director, member, and all the other roles. Please keep him in your prayers; that he grows in his faith and represents Christ well as His ambassador.

Sri Lanka Outreach

by Creston Martin
(Español debajo)

While in Sri Lanka, our CS DTS team had the pleasure of working with the local Christian Surfers group. Using boards donated by the CS Groundswell Aid family from Australia, our team of 7 was able to teach several different groups of kids and adults alike not only how to surf, but also how to use surfing as a tool for fellowship and ministry.

Several years ago, there was a large tsunami that hit Sri Lanka, killing many people. After that tragic event, many were scared of the power of the ocean, but when we arrived, it was so cool to see families willing to go to the beach and have fun in God's creation. I could see that many of the people were uncomfortable in the ocean, but they overcame any fears they had to partake in fellowship with each other through surfing.

My favorite part of the experience was the smiles on kids faces when they were with us. They were so excited when they finally stood on the board and were pushed along by the ocean's waves. There is no sport quite like surfing in the world and there is no God like ours, so being able to share those two unique things with the people of Sri Lanka was not only a blessing to the people there, but also to our team.

Continue to pray for those on the ground as there are two surf clubs run by local Christian Surfers. Pray that they would be able to reach out to as many kids as possible and that they would have the resources to continue their surf ministry.

Durante nuestro tiempo en Sri Lanka, nuestro equipo CS DTS tuvo el placer de trabajar con el grupo local de Christian Surfers. Usando tablas que fueron donadas por la familia CS en Australia, nuestro grupo de 7 pudo enseñar varios grupos de niños y adultos a surfear y usar el surf como una herramienta para compartir y ministrar.

Hace varios años hubo un tsunami en Sri Lanka que mato a muchas personas. Después de ese evento trágico, muchos tenían temor del poder del océano, pero cuando llegamos, fue genial ver a familias dispuestas a ir a la playa y disfrutar de la creación de Dios. Pude ver que muchos estaban incomodos en el mar pero pudieron superar sus miedos a través de compartir juntos surfeando.

Mi parte favorita de la experiencia fueron las sonrisas de los niños cuando estaban con nosotros. Estaban tan emocionados cuando finalmente se pararon sobre la tabla corriendo olas. No hay deporte como el surf en el mundo y no hay otro Dios como el nuestro, entonces poder compartir esas dos realidades únicas con la gente de Sri Lanka fue una bendición no solo para las personas sino para nosotros también.

Sigan orando por los que están en terreno en los dos clubes de surf dirigidos por surfistas cristianos. Oren que puedan alcanzar a muchos niños y que tengan los recursos para continuar su ministerio de surf.

Corona Open J-Bay Service

by Henku Grobler
(Español debajo)

The build-up to the Corona Open J-Bay without doubt followed the beauty of so many years before; winter sunrises met with endless lines pouring into the bay. This usually ensues with some mixed emotions for the locals of this small, coastal town - excitement to see the world's top surfers ripping perfect waves at Supers, at the same time feeling your heart drop as you count the surfers in the lineup like you count stars in the sky.

The stoke-levels, however, skyrocketed within the service team after the first prayer meeting. The initial few days of the waiting period saw six-foot waves peeling down the point, with the comp on hold. Once the commissioner made his decision to run the event, Jeffreys Bay made its decision to show off some of the best swell we have ever seen. This is for sure why most would argue that 2017's competition might just go down as one of the greatest events in surfing history. With unreal conditions, countless ten-point rides, a perfect heat, a surfing safety-boat and two shark scares ... not to mention the headlines.

Christian Surfers share in great favour with the World Surf League; having the annual opportunity to play such influential roles behind the scenes. We had such amazing opportunity to serve on different scales and help make sure that schedules run smoothly. We were able to work with the staff, surfers and their families on tour and ultimately create room for Jesus to pour out His love on them and be revealed to them.

Los días antes del Corona Open J-bay fueron similares a años anteriores, amaneceres de invierno y líneas increíbles entrando a la bahía. Esto trae emociones mixtas para nuestro pequeño pueblo costero - felicidad al ver los mejores surfistas del mundo corriendo olas perfectas en Supers, pero al mismo tiempo quedas en shock al ver la cantidad de surfistas en el agua.

Pero el equipo de servicio estaba de buen animo después de la primera reunión de oración. En los primeros días del tiempo de espera vimos olas de 2 metros pero aun así el campeonato en pausa. Cuando el encargado tomo la decisión de empezar el evento, Jefferys Bay decidió mostrar algunas de las mejores olas que hemos visto. Es por eso que la mayoría piensa que el campeonato de 2017 será recordado como uno de los eventos mas increíbles en la historia del surf. Condiciones increíbles, un montón de olas de 10 puntos, un heat perfecto, un bote de seguridad y dos encuentros con tiburones... sin mencionar los titulares.

Christian Surfers tiene gran favor con el World Surf League; con la oportunidad cada año de tomar un rol de mucha influencia en la coordinación del evento. Tuvimos una oportunidad increíble de servir en diferentes capacidades y ayudamos a asegurar que el cronograma avanzada sin problemas. Pudimos trabajar con el staff, los surfistas y sus familias y finalmente crear espacio para que Jesús derrame su amor sobre ellos.

Conferencia de las Américas 2017

by Renato Salazar
(English below)


Caminamos por fe y no por vista Fue el tema en el que nos centramos para reflexionar del 25 al 28 de julio en el hotel Nitro City ubicado en Punta Chame a 2 horas de la ciudad de Panamá

Durante 4 días 60 líderes de 15 diferentes países de habla hispana compartieron sus experiencias de como Dios les está usando en cada país y también los retos y pruebas que han encontrado en el camino. Fueron días llenos de hermandad, alabanza, devocionales, talleres y por supuesto compartimos sesiones de buenas olas.

En los talleres conocimos formas prácticas y sencillas de compartir el evangelio y también métodos de discipulado, tuvimos la oportunidad de escuchar de labios de nuestro Director Internacional Roy Harley, la estructura que Christian Surfers está tomando a nivel global. Aprendimos también a como ser efectivos en la comunicación a través de los medios digitales así como también nos compartieron recomendaciones para recaudar fondos para nuestro ministerio.

Al principio de la conferencia todos estábamos expectantes de que un swell llegaría justo durante nuestra estadía pero el swell no llegó en el agua, llegó mientras adorábamos en familia…. niños, jóvenes, adultos y big kahunas fuimos animados y fortalecidos con los tiempos de adoración y con la Palabra que varios de nuestros líderes compartieron en cada devocional. 

Caminar por Fe y no por vista es difícil pero no imposible, así como nos compartieron en varios ejemplos de la Biblia, como el caso del paralitico que 4 hombres lo bajaron por un techo para llegar delante de Jesús… y la respuesta de Jesús fue: 

“Al ver Jesús la fe de ellos, dijo al paralítico: Hijo, tus pecados te son perdonados” Estaban allí sentados algunos de los escribas, los cuales cavilaban en sus corazones: ¿Por qué habla éste así? Blasfemias dice. ¿Quién puede perdonar pecados, sino sólo Dios? Y conociendo luego Jesús en su espíritu que cavilaban de esta manera dentro de sí mismos, les dijo: ¿Por qué caviláis así en vuestros corazones? ¿Qué es más fácil, decir al paralítico: Tus pecados te son perdonados, o decirle: Levántate, toma tu lecho y anda? Pues para que sepáis que el Hijo del Hombre tiene potestad en la tierra para perdonar pecados (dijo al paralítico): A ti te digo: Levántate, toma tu lecho, y vete a tu casa. Entonces él se levantó en seguida, y tomando su lecho, salió delante de todos, de manera que todos se asombraron, y glorificaron a Dios, diciendo: Nunca hemos visto tal cosa. Marcos 2:6-12

Sigamos caminando por fé y no por vista…

Que cada surfer y su comunidad tengan la oportunidad de conocer y seguir a Jesús


Punta Chame, Panama, July 2017

"We walk by faith and not by sight" was the theme that we reflected on from July 25-28 at the Nitro City Hotel located in Punta Chame, about two hours from Panama City.

During four days over 60 leaders from 15 different countries in the Spanish-speaking world shared their experiences of how God is using them in their countries, as well as the challenges and difficulties they have faced along the way. Our time was marked by camaraderie, worship, devotionals, workshops and of course some fun sessions in good waves.

In the workshops we learned about practical and simple ways to share the gospel and also discipleship methods, we had the opportunity to hear from our International Director Roy Harley about the global leadership structure in CSI. We learned how to be effective in our digital communications and were given advise about fundraising for our ministry.

At the beginning of the conference we were all expecting the swell to arrive during our time there but the swell didn’t arrive in the water, the real swell came as we worshipped together as a family... children, young people, adults and big kahunas. We were encouraged and strengthened through the times of worship and hearing the Word from different leaders during the devotionals.

Walking by faith and not by sight is difficult but not impossible, just as we saw in numerous examples from scripture, like the story of the paralytic that was brought in by four men through the roof to get to Jesus. Our Lord's response was:

And when Jesus saw their faith, he said to the paralytic, “Son, your sins are forgiven.” Now some of the scribes were sitting there, questioning in their hearts, “Why does this man speak like that? He is blaspheming! Who can forgive sins but God alone?” And immediately Jesus, perceiving in his spirit that they thus questioned within themselves, said to them, “Why do you question these things in your hearts? Which is easier, to say to the paralytic, ‘Your sins are forgiven,’ or to say, ‘Rise, take up your bed and walk’? But that you may know that the Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sins”—he said to the paralytic— “I say to you, rise, pick up your bed, and go home.” And he rose and immediately picked up his bed and went out before them all, so that they were all amazed and glorified God, saying, “We never saw anything like this!” Mark 2:5-12

Let us keep walking by faith and not by sight...

That every surfer and their community would have the chance to know and follow Jesus.

Pali Pro Jamaica

by Wes Hewson
(Español debajo)

The Daytona Beach chapter of CSUS helped serve the Jamaican Surfing Association for the third year in a row in Jamaica. The Pali Pro was held at the Palisades near Kingston, Jamaica. Swell conditions were good for the contest with consistent four to six foot waves pushing in.

Serving included help with setup, judging, tabulating and just being a presence for support. Relationships were strengthened and new ones were started. Surfing new breaks and other consistent breaks with the locals continues to strengthen the mission.

Huge inroads are being accomplished by the serving mission of Christian Surfers. Seeds are being planted for future missions to Jamaica. Praise God for doors that continue to be opened, including prayer with a few of the Jamaicans on the last day of trip. Pray for the Jamaican Surfing Association and God’s will to guide CS as we continue to serve in Jamaica.

El Capitulo de Daytona Beach de CSUS estuvo sirviendo a la asociación de Surf de Jamaica por el tercer año consecutivo. El Pali Pro se llevo a cabo en Kingston, Jamaica. Las condiciones de swell era buenas para el campeonatos con olas de 2 metros.

Ayudamos con armar, como jueces, tabulando, y simplemente como una presencia de apoyo. Las relaciones fueron fortalecidas y nacieron nuevas amistades. Surfeando diferentes olas en la isla con locales sigue fortaleciendo nuestra misión ahí.

Puertas se están abriendo al servir la misión de Christian Surfers. Semillas están siendo plantadas para futuras misiones en Jamaica. Gracias a Dios por las puertas que se están abriendo, eso incluye la oportunidad que tuvimos de orar con algunos de los Jamaicanos en el ultimo día del viaje. Oren por la asociación de Surf Jamaicana y por la voluntad de Dios, que El no guie mientras buscamos seguir sirviendo en Jamaica.