Finishing Well - Part 2

Finishing Well - Part 2

by Brett Davis

This is the second part of a word God gave to me from 1 Samuel 12 about finishing well. The first part was "End clean to start clean," where Samuel invites those he has led to clear up any hurts or injustices, thus leaving the way clear for unhindered relationship for his successor.

The second thing I see is "Look Back."

"Now stand here quietly before the Lord as I remind you of all the great things the Lord has done for you and your ancestors." 1 Samuel 12:7

It is a great thing to be able to look back at all that God has done and remind the people. This is more than mere sentimentality at the 'good old days.' He recounts God at work in history from the great victorious deliverance with Moses in the exodus from Egypt. He also recounts how they so quickly forgot about God and were punished by being defeated by their enemies, and then God sends various deliverers. Why remember both the success and the failures? They are equally good reminders from the past. The joy of success and the grief of defeat.

I realise that by writing the CS history book Groundswell I have in effect laid out the past for all to look back at. It is not a glorified account of the successes and glossing over the failures - the successes and failures are all there together. By looking back at how God was at work in the history of Christian Surfers we are encouraged by real stories of real people in real locations and times. Looking back at how God deals in the past gives us hope for our current state. Throughout history God was always encouraging the people to set up memorials to remember the past, because we are so prone to forget and despair or rebel.

You will finish well when you can point those who are coming after you to God's work in the past, so they will maximise on the blessing and minimise the judgement.

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