Salt Surfers Mauritius

Every young man needs fathering or mentoring during his teenage years. Sadly, this is an ever-increasing lack in many households of disadvantaged families across Africa.

In response to this need, Andre Holl has set up Salt Surfers in Mauritius, a mentoring program that gathers disadvantaged youth through the sports of water polo and surfing. The water polo teaches discipline and the surfing is the cherry on top that keeps them stoked!

The doors have flown open for this program and they are presently working with about 40 kids in 4 different areas in Mauritius. The boys are a wild and crazy bunch, some from households and some street children, but all precious young lives who were fearfully and wonderfully made and can have a huge impact in the future.

Andre Holl and the CS Mauritius crew that is making Salt Surfers happen have a heart to see surfers of all shapes and sizes come to know the life-changing love of Jesus. They have a need for learn to surf surfboards so that they can surf with the youth in the Salt Surfers program.

CS Africa has organised for three soft-top boards from the Son Surf School in Strand (South Africa) as well as two others to be brought over from Reunion Island. The boards will be brought over with a CS team that is going over to connect, serve and encourage Andre and the surfers in the region.

The cost of purchasing and transporting the boards is AUD$500 and we would love to ask you to consider sponsoring the costs and supporting this rad initiative in Mauritius! 

Please visit CS Africa's GivenGain page and mention Salt Surfers to contribute: