Australasia Regional Gathering 2015

September saw more than 30 leaders and their families representing six countries, plus CS International and Regional Offices, converge on Balian in Indonesia for the region’s third gathering.

When we met two years ago we had around 15 leaders (predominantly Western) and a dream to see more families and indigenous leaders participate. It was so encouraging to see this dream become reality with increased indigenous representation from four countries, and a number of leaders bringing their families. We also got to welcome for the first time, contacts from the Philippines – yew! We’re excited to see what God does in this nation.

It was a great opportunity for the region to reconnect, to pray, to share knowledge, share challenges and share some fun waves – right out front!

Discussions centred around personal and ministry long-term sustainability and this African proverb summed it up: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” We also facilitated an open mic session on pioneering. This was valuable given that many of the nations in the region are in a season of pioneering, many in countries where the Good News is not welcome. We also got to learn from our indigenous leaders as to what we as Westerners often bring that is and isn’t helpful culturally, for long term sustainability. Our heart as a region is to see contacts, teams and chapters become indigenous-led movements.

We’re super grateful to all those who serve in the region with passion and perseverance despite the challenges and, at times, loneliness. And as a region, we’re stoked to be hosting the nations for the International Conference in Australia in May 2016. Hope to see you there!