CSI Strat Ops

Whether it was during the time of Joshua, Elijah or Samuel it seems that at certain key points in the history of the people of Israel they would meet at a place called Gilgal.

It was not its geography that made Gilgal amazing, but rather its significance as an anchor point between Israel's past and its future. It was a place from which to look back at what God had done. It offered a chance to get perspective on the amazing story of God woven into the life of the people. It also empowered and emboldened Israel's steps moving forward into their called future.

When Joshua crossed the Jordan he instructed a member of each of Israel's twelve tribes to pick up a big stone. Each stone was symbolic of a tribe. This was done so that Israel would not forget that they were one people, under one God, called out for a divine purpose.

As a global mission we probably have a number of Gilgal’s. Points of reference where we can gain perspective on what God has done for us. Just like the story of Israel we recognize that together we are greater than the sum of our parts. Although we are many, we are also one global Christian Surfers family, and like Israel we have a divine mandate.

From May 1-9, 2015 a representative group of our family gathered. We wanted to remember all of the different CS nations around the world and we wanted to be sure that we represented all that God is doing through our global family.

We threw ourselves into a strategic process. We looked back to gain perspective on where we have come from, revisited some key moments and turning points in our God story, prayed much for wisdom and insight and sharpened and refocused our vision for the road ahead.

What we have is not finished, but it is a good review of what has gone before and I feel it is sharply focused on taking us where we need to go. From now up until our Council meeting in May 2016 we will be road-testing, sharpening and polishing what we worked on over the last couple of weeks. What we aim to have by May 2016 is a crafted, unified, global mandate for our future. Because we are a family, your participation and voice in polishing and shaping this is very important, so please feel free to engage with us on it.

Together for His Kingdom,
Roy Harley