Oi Rio Pro Outreach

The most recent World Surf League contest, the Oi Rio Pro in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil showed just how stoked Brazilians are about surfing at present! It was a Brazilian storm inside and outside the water with approximately 40,000 screaming people on the beach supporting all of the surfers.

As happens each year of the event, the local Christian Surfers in Rio, known as Surfistas de Cristo, organised a big tent in the area and engaged with many of the spectators there to watch the competition.

They gave away water, pocket Gospel of John's and Surfers Bibles, which attracted many people to their tent. As well as watching the heats together, they had the opportunity to share the living water with many surfers around the area. Three of their leaders were also interviewed on TV, where they talked about the vision of Christian Surfers and how it operates.

"I have to recognize the hard work, availability and commitment of all our local leaders in Surfistas de Cristo Rio de Janeiro. They are the ones who get their hands dirty and make it happen, as always!" said the group coordinator in Rio de Janeiro, Matheus Iglesias.