Melanesian Cup

by Nev Wells

Our current and former Pacific Regional Coordinators Nev Wells and Gordy Webb recently went over to serve at the sixth annual Melanesian Cup in New Caledonia. It was an honour to be invited back to help serve at this event after also serving at last year's contest in Samoa.

We felt very welcome in New Caledonia and it really felt as if the competitors and the locals running the event were happy to have us there.

We prayed that God would open doors in New Caledonia and He did not let us down. We had a fantastic few days with a family who are praying about starting Christian Surfers there. Along with good food and waves, there was plenty of time for getting to know each other and praying for the possibility of CS starting there.

The event itself gave us ample opportunity to get alongside surfers and connect at a spiritual level with many of them, we gave away about 10 Surfers Bibles during the event to people who were interested in exploring more about the love Jesus can offer them. Please pray for all those people that had God touch their lives in some way over the week.

The level of surfing was high, despite waves that were pretty average at times. New Caledonia took out the event after cleaning up the flat water paddle-board events. New Zealand Maori received second place with some outstanding women's surfing, while Vanuatu came in at third.

It was truly a pleasure to be serving our Melanesian brothers and sisters and we would love to thank the New Caledonia Surfing Federation for making us feel so welcome!