Changed Life: Andres Rosas

by El "Chato" - Andrés Rosas

I grew up near Lima, the capital city of Peru and was rebellious from a young age. There are so many reasons that people rebel, but I don't want to judge anybody, not even myself. A big part of it started at the school I attended, which was run by the militants at that time.

I began taking drugs at the age of 12, as they were easy to find. I always thought I was able to manage it; I thought I had the control, but it was a big lie. Time passed and I was getting deeper and deeper into drugs.

At the age of 22 I quit one form of drugs, but embraced another. Even though it was a success in one sense, it wasn't really, as I continued my life lost in substance abuse.

Thanks to the education my parents gave me I was able to find a good job, but I always felt that I needed to change the dependance on drugs. I was paying for expensive treatments without anybody noticing; trying everything - even retreats at traditional churches - but nothing happened.

Once in the gym somebody told me, "You are a surfer, you should go to Christian Surfers meetings," and he offered to take me there. I didn't end up attending with him, but he had told me where it was so I went by myself. I remember that day very clearly, that magnificent day - May 3rd, 2003. I saw people in shorts; praying, praising God and involved in worship. I gave my life to Jesus right then and there.

Change did not come overnight, but I did experience that God had a purpose for me. I changed my friends and I started to surf with the people I met in CS Peru, After a while I felt more self-secure and I thought I was free, but I started to fall again.

Out of the blue I was involved in a major car accident that make me re-evaluate my entire life, which led me to working with underprivileged kids from my area. That was the best thing that could have happened to me! I really started to become a more mature Christian and learn that I should always depend entirely on God.

Now I can say that God has blessed me in so many ways; in sharing His Word, in having a life with my parents, by living a clean life and having good health, meeting new kids and teaching them how to surf, in helping my neighbours by giving them work at my own restaurant, through the ability to go on trips to different countries and the privilege to know that my family is able to see my change and also come to know God, as I did. Infinitely blessed!

Now, I'm leading a Bible study and when I share the Word of God I only let the Holy Spirit talk through me. Thanks to Jesus who gave His life for me and broke all that held me down, giving me a new life!

"Glory to God in highest heaven, and peace on earth to those with whom God is pleased." Luke 2:14