Beach Kids Games

by Luis Guiterrez

We are thankful to God for another great year of the Beach Kids Games in Venezuela, where 60 kids attended to listen to the good news through the discovery Bible, surfing, beach soccer and plays.

In the 10 years of the Venezuela Beach Kids Games, our country has gone through its most difficult times. The great political, social and economic crisis has impacted every aspect of the community. It is very hard to mobilize people with the violent protests happening here and even harder to find food for the kids, but once again God is so faithful.


As a result of the lack of wheat in our nation, it is very difficult find any bread in the bakeries. For many weeks there has been no sandwiches in the supermarkets, but just one day before the Kids Games sandwich bread arrived in the supermakets of our town. One kid said, "Thanks God, because I have not eaten a sandwich in months."

Another remarkable part of this year's event is that after teaching about the principle of inclusion for the first time we had three attendees with disabilities involved in the games, two of the kids, Angel and Jesus, along with Irene, a Christian Paralympic athele who shared her testimony with the kids.


The picture above is of Jesus, a 14-year-old kid who was born whitout legs. He surfs, plays soccer, rides skateboards and does amazing things! He can inspire others, but most importantly he received the greatest inspiration from God.

Thanks for all your support and prayers!