Margaret River Pro Service


by Terry Bowdler

We, as Christian Surfers, had a consistent team of 10 throughout the Margaret River Pro event where we came again to serve. We have developed great relationship with Surfing WA and have furthered our relationship with the WSL. It’s a great opportunity to represent Jesus to the local and international surf community. I would say our biggest impact is behind the scenes with event work crew and organizers.

The team did an incredible job this year doing some of the lowliest and dirty jobs. Cleaning toilets, sewage malfunctions, and rubbish and recycling bins. Plus, anyone who watched the event saw that the highlights featured ‘The Box’, it makes for extremely exciting viewing, but also requires a lot of work trekking stuff back and forth across the sand for set up and clean up each day. Lots of work goes into setting up each support site and possible wave change, sometimes to find out they don’t end up running the event there. Well this year the team served so well. And since the event finished quickly we were also around to help out with more clean up and pack down. The call us “the Christians” and we had multiple conversations to say that us Christians are the real deal because we live what we say.

We even had a few people say that they need teams like these at every WSL world tour site. We are so thankful for the working friendship we have developed.

I believe the ones in society that serve the other areas of society the most will be the ones to have the most authority and influence. That doesn’t look pretty but feels incredible when you know you are making a difference.

I hope we can see more CS groups around the world serve at WSL pro venues. It’s happening for sure in Margaret River and Jefferys Bay, but can we see this opportunity expand? Can we serve the entire world tour surf community? Can we represent Jesus most by serving and doing nothing with selfish ambition.

I will say these relationships take time and commitment. CS has been part of serving at the Margs Pro for 15+ years. My involvement has been for the last 8 years and every year really does build on itself. We are also very grateful for the partnership with YWAM’s Christian Surfers DTS to make this happen. Thanks to our local friends at Surfing WA for the opportunity to work together again!