First CS Mexico National Gathering

For five days at the beginning of May, Surfistas Cristianos Mexico held their very first National Gathering in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico.

A significant reason for the gathering was that many CS people live a great distance apart from each other, and although they had been communicating electronically over the years, most had never actually met in person. By meeting up for the week, they were able to surf, eat, travel, and hang out and share life together.

Time was set aside daily to get closer to God because reaching surfers needs to come out of our love for Jesus. This was done with nightly worship and Bible studies, and during the days, after surfing the world-famous waves in the area, the attendees participated in Gospel Conversations Training. They all left with simple and transferable skills and strategies that enable them to share their story and Jesus’ story in a very relevant way.

Another key part of the training was learning and practicing how to gather with people who might be far from God. The method of "Discovery Bible Study" and the "three-thirds format" was modelled, learned and enthusiastically received.

Surfistas Cristianos Mexico strongly believes that every follower of Jesus should be disciplining other followers of Jesus. By having participated in this training, they are all more capable of meeting with and personally helping their surfer friends become nearer to God.

Times of fellowship over meals and prayer for each other added to the gathering culminating a memorable time for those who attended. God blessed and provided in amazing ways, which enabled the costs to be very low.

One of the delegates, Aileen, wrote these two articles about her time with us:

Christian Surfers Mexico Gathering – Testimony by Aileen Friedman

I had thought that my husband and I were doing what God intended for us to do in serving Him, living in Cozumel Island, Mexico. But that was not it, my husband died a little over a year ago, and I was confused as to where and what God desired me to do His work.

When still living in South Africa, I got in touch with CS Africa but never got involved. After my husband’s death, I had this nagging in me to reach out to CS Mexico. I was excited to hear about the CSM gathering in May 2019 and committed to joining the event.

Regardless of my lack of Spanish, I felt so welcomed and comfortable in the company of Mike, Vanessa, and the other attendees. By the end of the gathering, I had for the first time since my husband’s death felt without any doubt that this is what God’s purpose is for me.

The gathering filled everyone with simple methods of disciplining; reachable methods of saving lost souls, everyone sharing a common goal and all speaking the same language – serving God through surfing.

I will be forever grateful to have attended this gathering and truly blessed to have made friends with brothers and sisters in Christ.