Groundswell - The Christian Surfers Story - Paperback

Groundswell - The Christian Surfers Story - Paperback

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A 256-page paperback covering the history of Christian Surfers from the perspective of founder Brett Davis. Groundswell includes accounts of the founders of all major CS nations. Discover why CS came about, what we value and be inspired that God can use the ordinary to do the extraordinary!

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"We felt marginalised by the surfing community because we were Christians and marginalised from the church community because we were surfers."

And so CS Founder and International Director Brett Davis wrote explaining why he and a handful of teenagers in Cronulla, Sydney, Australia decided to launch Christian Surfers in 1977. Now with missions in over 30 nations, comprising over 1000 volunteer leaders spreading the love of God through all levels of surfing, it's a great story. And that story has finally been told in Groundswell.

Groundswell is a full 256-page book, filled with stories of God using ordinary people to do extraordinary things. It is an often funny and moving story of God using people as unorganised and undesirable as surfers from the 70's and 80's to today in the furtherance of His kingdom.