Surfers Bible

Australians are more likely to surf than attend church regularly, and they are not alone in their love of surfing. In coastal communities of every continent, more and more young people are enjoying the excitement of what, for many, is a lifestyle. The exhilaration of riding the wave and being at the mercy of God’s creation is for many surfers, a kind of spiritual experience. ‘Surfing is my religion’ is the slogan of a key surf brand.

Instead of trying to get surfers to church, Christian Surfers aims to get the church to the surfers, with the Surfers Bible a key way of doing that.

The Surfers Bible is a regular modern translation of the Bible, along with great personal stories from well-known surfers, who are also Christians, and who share how they have made sense of life beyond their surfing.

With over 75,000 copies of the first edition distributed, Bible Society and Christian Surfers knew they had a winner. The second edition comes in three versions; a complete Bible with a surfer friendly waterproof zip cover, a New Testament, plus a pocket-sized Gospel of Mark.

Along with the English translation, Christian Surfers have produced Spanish, French, Japanese, Dutch and Portuguese versions of different descriptions, each featuring local testimonies of Christian surfers from their nations.

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Surfers Bible - NT
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Surfers Bible - NT

A New Testament featuring amazing testimonies and study helps for surfers.

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Surfers Bible - Full Bible
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  • Full Bible featuring testimonies and studies specific to surfers.

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