Christian Surfers United States


With its origins tracing back to Santa Barbara in the 1980s, the ministry of CSUS began as a concerned but caring law enforcement officer named Jerry Dow started noticing a trend in some of his "clients"... many were surfers! Jerry began spending time at the beach building relationships and sharing the love of Jesus with surfers. Today, CSUS has grown to 20 volunteer-led chapters or surf clubs spread across both the west and east coasts. The relational-style ministry continues, bringing LIFE TO THE FULL to surfers everywhere.

Jesus Christ is our message, surfing is our tool, relationships are our method and community is our platform.

Recognizing the opportunity to use US resources abroad, CSUS organizes many service-based surf missions trip through the year to Central America, Africa, and beyond, as well as joining in the global social efforts of Groundswell Aid. Visit CSUS's website to learn more about local chapters or to join a surf missions trip!


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