Key Strategies

Christian Surfers International currently has six specific active strategies through which we see out our calling: National Movements, Service, Short-Term Missions, Leadership Development, Disciple-Making Communities and International Support.

These were also put before the Council to talk through and agree on. The significant change to our strategies this year was to change the name of 'Hospitality and Servanthood' to simply be 'Service', and to include Chaplaincy under the banner of Service as we see chaplaincy as a form of service.

The Regional Coordinators each spoke to a particular strategy and fielded questions on each during the meeting.

Aldo Ventura, South America RC, speaks to Leadership Development.

Vision: To provide ongoing CS specific leadership training for all levels of leadership accessible at both local, regional and international levels.

As global champion for Christian Surfers' Foundations Training program, Johnny Hillman from CSUK speaks to this important part of Leadership Development.

Dustin Miller, North America RC, speaks to National Movements.

Vision: To develop national movements of groups and key individuals of CS that will effectively evangelise and disciple surfers of the nations.

Phil Williams, Europe RC, speaks to the newly renamed Service strategy.

Vision: For CS to position itself in a servanthood role within the key crossroad surfing organisations, events and locations and be recognised as  being hospitable.

Gordy Webb, Pacific RC, explains the reasons for bringing Chaplaincy back under the banner of Service.

Ric Ho, Australasia RC, speaks to the strategy of Short-Term Missions.

Vision: To give exposure and experience to domestic and international missions and spearhead new nations and domestic opportunities.

Roy Harley, Africa RC, speaks to the strategy of Disciple-Making Communities.

Vision: To allow for broad expression of discipling communities to best enable Christian Surfers to fulfil the great commission of making disciples.

Brett Davis also spoke to the strategy of International Support.

Vision: To coordinate International leadership, direction, communications and resources via the international office to ensure the most effective global mission can take place.