The Surf Report | January


With many thanks to God and 100 supporters, over $35,000 was raised in our succession crowdfunder. It was great to see the momentum build as we cracked our target of $30,000 with a day to spare. We will still need continued support to see the succession process through though. If you wanted to make a last minute contribution you can do so here.


We look forward to Roy Harley taking on authority as the International Director of Christian Surfers on March 22 at the South Africa National Conference. Join us in praying for a national team to form for South Africa, as no single leader has emerged to take on this role. In July the Harley family will depart on an around-the-world tour for 10 months while the CSI office team in Australia continues to function as usual. Aaron, Angie and Mike remain in their roles with CSI as before. There will be a completed transition by May 22, 2016 at our International Conference in Australia. BD will remain on staff with CSI as 'Founder Advisor' and engage in other related ministry. We are seeking a Chief Operations Officer (full-time) and a Chief Financial Officer (part-time) to work with Roy in Jeffrey's Bay, South Africa by June 2016. Email for inquiries.


CS South Africa will hold their 'Legacy' themed annual National Conference, March 20-23 at Stilbaai. Registration is now open online here. Last year's national Road Show served many local missions up and down the coast thanks to the great service role provided by the CSALT interns.


The new Surf House fundraising initiative involves people donating 2-3 weeks accommodation per year to CSI, who in turn make it available for sale to our network. CSI has developed a system for processing this and a website will be launched in 2015. We see this as a creative way of sustaining international funding beyond donations. If you know of locations currently available or you want to have a holiday contact us.


After some 20 years in the mission Kevin Heminway is handing over leadership of CS Tahiti to Poi and Lita Smith this February during their National Gathering. CS Tahiti are hoping to see new missions in four different islands and Poi is currently developing a CS mission house in Teahupoo and will seek to make it available later this year.


Cold water never stops Phil Williams and the team in the UK. The Ice Cube Classic is running this week in Cornwall, engaging the wider community, and 'Winter Warmers' surf movie nights have been held. Phil joined a number of surfers dressed as Santa Claus and rode the Severn Bore in good spirits and he is very excited to be on the consultancy of the first commercial 'Wave Garden', to be built in Bristol this year.


Between the highs and lows of surfing in Brazil, with Gabriel Medina's world title and the devastating loss of Ricardo dos Santos, Surfistas de Cristo continues to minister throughout this massive and diverse nation. National Director Sergio Busatto has become more focused on the surf community churches, of which there are now four around Brazil. He has recently moved to Florianopolis and is exploring new ministry there. A new board of directors is being established and leadership development is key.


The Latinos are about to host their first leadership training internship in Costa Rica in February. It will be a three week long study through our Foundations Training and discipleship work with local pastor Dennis Leon and the CS Costa Rica crew. We need to raise USD$400 to make sure each of the leaders are able to attend. Can you help? Make a general donation here, with the note 'Latin Training'.


During early December last year 22 fired up junior leaders met with key CS Australia leaders in Torquay for a week of training, teaching, prayer and activity all designed to shape them as the next generation of leaders. This came just after a week-long staff retreat where Jodene Watling also hosted two emerging women’s leaders Shannon Bolotin for South Africa and another from New Zealand. Great to see CSNZ national director Taylor McDonald also attend and be greatly encouraged.

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