ISA World Bodyboard Championship

by Nathan Anderson, CS Chile National Director

The ISA World Bodyboard Championship was held in the far northern end of Chile last week so we decided to take the opportunity to fly up and serve over the weekend. After a bit of plane trouble (the windshield of our plane got cracked so we had to return to Santiago and board a later flight) we finally arrived in the city of Iquique at about 3am on Saturday. The next day we were able to connect with our local CS contact Cesar and the new CS group that has been forming there in the last few months.

They set up a stand by the contest where they were giving away water and bracelets while taking the opportunity to interact with and pray for people at the contest. It was great to see a number of competitors who were Christians come to our tent and share their testimony with the local kids. We were also able to help Alex Reynolds and the ISA team a bit by being chaperones for the finalists who had to do their anti-doping testing.

I have to admit we were all a little disappointed when Chile got second overall but the highlight of the event for me was watching the Brazilian team after winning the gold on the side of the stage holding hands in prayer and giving all the glory to God. Isn't that exactly what we would love to see happen in every one of our surfing nations?

Overall it was a wonderful weekend. Please pray for the new CS crew in Iquique and for CS Chile, we are confident that God has some great plans for us on the horizon.