New Swell 2015

by Jessi Muir

New Swell was a crazy concoction of the most desirable goods - fellowship, fun and faith. For one week 30 emerging leaders from Christian Surfers missions all over Australia, New Zealand and Canada, came together to seek experience with, and teachings from, the Christian Surfers Australia leadership team and each other. 

Blessed with a great location in Victoria, famous for it’s unpredictable weather conditions and vast surf breaks, the week ahead was drizzled with adventure and waves!

“New Swell was an eye-opener as I’ve never seen so many people in love with God and supporting the community of surfing.”
- Pete Davis (Christian Surfers Melbourne)

Crammed into cars, vans and mini buses with surfboards strategically stacked above and around us, we spent the week traveling to some of the nicest places Victoria has to offer.

From the Twelves Apostles on the Great Ocean Road to the top of Mount Oberon in Wilson’s Promontory, and with waves in between, the crew were never short of an adventure.

Amongst all the fun, the relationships flourished. The week allowed us to get faithful with one another, and share our hearts. The love, prayer, encouragement and trust that flowed through the group were incredible.

“Having the crew expose and open up their hearts to their brothers and sisters was truly an unforgettable experience.
- Megs Kruger (Christian Surfers Ocean Grove)

The leadership team played a huge part in the exposure of our hearts as they shared personal experiences in their lives, and left themselves exposed before us in true leadership style, always honouring God in their stories and their servant leadership.

“New Swell was a breath of fresh air for me. It was a week for me to hear from God in a new way, meet and be encouraged by my brothers and sisters in our Christian Surfers family. Our leadership shared and spoke into my life which gave me a great sense of support for Christian Surfers Canada.”
- Bridget Turner (Christian Surfers Canada)

God worked in a real and raw way through our relationships, reminding us how good He is and how powerful His love is, in the essence of community.

Nobody was left empty-handed or empty-hearted as the week filled us up, overflowing with new ideas, passion and direction to take home to our missions, or wherever God may call us, and keep charging!

“New Swell revealed to me how God is already moving in the surfing community, and that there’s always more in store for us if we’re willing and trusting in Him.”
- Megs Kruger