Luis Guiterrez Needs a Car

After a disastrous flood in 1999 Luis Guiterrez and his family were left without a house, job or car. He founded Surfistas de Cristo Venezuela soon after and has faithfully represented Jesus to his surfing community ever since. He has managed to secure a house and a job, but for the past 16 years Luis has continued managing his family, work and CS ministry using public transport and other friend's cars. This month we would like to help change this. Luis has secured half the money towards a decent vehicle and we are seeking to raise another $US5000 towards him finalising this purchase. We are looking for 10 people to contribute $500 to meet this need. Venezuela has runaway inflation and many social and political problems that Luis seeks to meet through surfing and CS Venezuela. Due to the inflation rate, we need to raise this money this coming month. Please would you consider standing with our brother Luis? Donate here.