Ohana Surf Festival Peru

Words by Christian Surfers Peru, photos by Andrés Ruiz-Caro and Olas Peru

On Saturday, June 13 the Ohana Surf Festival Aloha Jesus 2015 took place. We had a very special day at San Bartolo, the traditional surf beach in the south of Lima, Peru. Christian Surfers Peru presented their classic annual surf event Aloha Jesus this year with a new teams format, similar to the Aloha Cup run by the International Surfing Association at their world cups.

The format was based on "Ohanas" (Ohana means family in Hawaiian), or teams of four members. Each member of the Ohana was allowed to surf on whatever surf craft they desired (longboard, SUP, bodyboard, shortboard) and were able to catch three waves. After that they had to pass the baton to the next competitor of his/her team. The swell was constant and we had a great time of fellowship in a peaceful atmosphere, with the presence of the Creator of the waves.

"I'm so glad I was able to make it to the festival. What I liked the most was that we gave thanks to God before the prize giving ceremony. It was weird for me as I was never involved in a contest like this. At the end, all are a family and all of us are champions!"
Competitor Daniel Saboya
Ohana "San Bartolo Team" (15-years-old)

The teams used diverse strategies to accomplish the task, managing their timing and the swell, depending on their Ohana members' skills, with a great willingness to have a great time leading to some very emotional moments and good surfing. The general feeling was far away from the usual national contests and it was a sense of family, fun, regardless of the results of the competition, everybody seemed to be winners.

"Very nice the contest. I have had too much fun. The day passed very fast!"
Judge Ricardo Kauffman
"I have had an excellent day and I'm going home with more prizes than the official national contests. It has been a very special experience, thanks CS Peru!"
Competitor Martín Jerí
Ohana "Jerí Surfboards"

Among the different Ohanas, we had "San Bartolo Team" (local bodyboarders team), "Los Tubitos", "Christ Surfers", "Lord Surfers" and "Pax".

Before the grand final we had the "Crazy Wave Happy Hour", during which all of the Ohanas were creative to present an extravagant surf performance. In this competition, "Los Tubitos" were the winners with a special performance called 'the spaghetti'.


The Ohana Surf Festival Aloha Jesus 2015 was a fun surfing party with family and friends, where CS Peru had the opportunity to strengthen the links amongst the Peruvian surfing community and share the good news of the gospel of Jesus. Every member of each Ohana was able to feel part of the Christian Surfers Big Ohana knowing the main leader of it, who is Jesus.

"More than a competition, it was sharing good time together having fun, being able to know you and sharing the day together makes me more close to God and makes me think every single one of us has a purpose and that Jesus really exists and has different ways to show himself."
Competitor Frank Vasquez Arroyo
Ohana "Pax" (18-years-old)

The Ohana Surf Festival Aloha Jesus 2015 was presented by CS Peru and had the sponsorship of Klimax Surfboards, Globe, Quicksilver, Olas Perú, Tablas Atello, Wetsuits BOZ, Restaurante Mirasol y Restaurante Rocío. Many thanks to these sponsors who let us give generous prizes to the competitors. CS Peru recognise each one of the sponsors, but also the most important one, Jesus Christ. See you at the next event! Keep surfing and follow Jesus!

Antonio "Toñito" Farfán
Christian Surfers Perú National Director