Americas Conference Scholarships

The Americas Conference is a gathering of leaders from throughout Latin America, held biannually in the region. This year the conference will be held in Panama, July 25-28, and we're hoping to enable a handful of leaders to make it there! Below are profiles of some of the leaders. If you feel so led, we would love for you to donate towards seeing more leaders in Latin America equipped to lead and disciple surfers!

All donations are through Christian Surfers North America and are tax deductible.

Franco Bachino


Franco Bachino is 26 years old. He is recently married and is presently the National Director of CS Uruguay. Franco needs to raise USD$450 to be able to attend the Americas Conference.


José Alonso Alta


José Alonso Alta is 23 years old, currently the youngest leader in CS Peru. He is a university student, studying Mechanical Engineering. José needs to raise USD$450 to be able to attend.


Alex Suarez


Alex Suarez is 17 years old from Manglaralto, South Montañita, Ecuador. He has surfed in two ISA World Junior Championships on the Ecuadorian team and is currently the national U18 champion and second place in the Opens. He is an active member of CS Montañita, with leadership projection, since May 2015. This would be his first CS conference. Alex needs to raise USD$450 to be able to attend.

Charlie & Brian

El Salvador

Charlie and Brian are both from CS El Salvador. Charlie has been our Majahual Beach chapter leader for a few years now and Brian has been helping Charlie for almost a year. They have been very helpful all this time and they want to learn more about our special ministry and to experience the CS brotherhood at the Americas Conference.  Charlie and Brian need to raise their conference costs of $700 total for both.


Daniel Garcia


Daniel "Chocho" Garcia is 38 years old. He confessed Jesus through CS Venezuela 12 years ago, is surfboard shaper and has helped many surfers in Venezuela with surfboards. He has been a humble servant for many years and never had the oportunity to go to any international conferences. Since the high inflaction of the economy and devaluation of the currency started in Venezuela his business has dropped off and he is just surviving. He is married to Francis, who is also a surfer, and together they raise their 10-year-old niece.