Solomon Islands Action

by Gordy Webb

In May 2017 Matt Perry and I went up to the Solomon Islands and connected with CS Munda and Johnson Sanga, the national leader. We were asked to speak at the Munda AOG church Sunday and welcomed there. Johnson had use of a boat so we could get to the various islands.

The translation of the full Bible into the local Roviana language had just been completed after 34 years of work. We were asked if we would take bibles "Buka Hope" with us to distribute to the islands and cult areas as we did our surf missions visits. The Bibles were gratefully received, as were the audio Bibles for those who could not read.

The CS group from Vetenge Island were already surfing at Glorious Island where they had paddled to by canoes when we got to the break and we had great CS fellowship with them.

We stayed in the surfer friendly AOG Church in Gizo where the pastor took us to a new surfing community for us to meet their young pastor. We surfed with the local boys, then talking after they wanted to know about Christian Surfers. Matt and I shared then the Gizo pastor gave them a gospel message and 14 guys gave their lives to Jesus - wow!

God is surely working in the midst of surfers and their communities in the Solomon Islands.