Thailand Ministry Opportunity


Christian Surfers Thailand has been an active ministry since 2011 and the team on the island of Phuket is seeking two people to join them as they continue to reach out to the local surf community and its families. There are five different surf communities on Phuket with only one of those currently being ministered to regularly. They need more people to help reach those other surf communities and help continue to build a Christian community there.

The current team on Phuket would benefit from having other people join them, who share the same heart in building sincere relationships with the Thai surf community. The community will then be able to see an example of how others use surfing to serve God as well as seeing an example of other Christians who love & follow Jesus. Our hope is that through your relationships and service the Thai surf community will have opportunity to hear the gospel of Jesus and have the chance to then follow him in community, empowering others to then do the same.

Christian Surfers Phuket currently serves the surf community in different ways such as vocational training & discipleship through a surf school, serving at local surf contests, community projects, Bible studies and kids school camps. Their main focus is on building genuine relationships so people can see God in their lives.

Christian Surfers Phuket is also connected with other local Christian Surfers ministries in other parts of Thailand and together they collaborate with joint projects throughout the year as they strive for the CS vision.

Type of people: They are looking for a married couple or two single people of the same gender. These people must have a personal relationship with Jesus and be connected to a local church that supports them. You would need a reference from your pastor and past employer. They are looking for people who are of Godly character and can confidently interact with others on their own initiative. People who can work in a team but also run things on their own. They must be able to surf and have a love for the ocean. They must be servant hearted and willing to learn. They must be mature to cope with living in another culture away from family and be able to adapt to a different way of life. They must be willing to learn language.

Time: Long-term commitment of 1 - 2 years.

Cost: You will either need to have saved enough money or have already raised enough support from churches, family and friends.They can give those who are interested a clearer idea of what sort of budget you would need and what to start preparing for your move.

Visas: Christian Surfers Phuket will be able to help with the process of obtaining your Thai visa, finding accommodation and transport. You will provide the cost of these. It is recommended that you have a drivers license and/or motorbike license as well as travel insurance.

Contact: If you are interested please email