A Life Redefined | Tsungi


by Vanessa van Zyl | Aleph Surf

I have had the privilege of working with some incredible young adults over the past couple of years. One person, in particular, has stood out. Her name is Tsungi Muzenda.

I have known Tsungi as a strong fighter. You wouldn’t describe her like this when you first meet her. She is small in stature, quiet, tenderhearted, and a very empathetic beauty. But when you hear her story and learn what she has gone through, you would then agree that she is a “Strong Fighter".

Tsungi lost her mother at age 3 and her father at 7. With the economic collapse in Zimbabwe she was forced to leave her home at the age of 11. She moved to a new country and had to adjust to a new culture, while bouncing from relative to relative. With this crazy instability she had to cook and clean along with her other cousins from the moment she got up and again when she returned from school. On top of this, she had to find time to study!

She would tell you it wasn’t because of anything she has done but everything Yahweh provided for her. Her past wouldn’t define her, but rather His truth about who He created her to be would. This truth would empower her and give her confidence to stand firm when all seemed impossible.

Tsungi is now a senior in university and is studying to be a civil engineer. This week, Tsungi went for a job interview for an internship position at a Civil Engineering firm. I felt like a proud parent driving her to the interview. She got the job!

We can't choose the geography of where we are born or the parents to which we are born to but we can choose how we want to live the life we are given.

I am so proud of her and the perseverance, joy and heart she has put into her faith and education. We cannot wait to share where God takes her from here.

Our social justice arm Groundswell Aid helped facilitate the funding of Tsungi’s university fees through Aleph Surf and with thanks to GSA partner Get Smart Education.