The Surf Report | September


'Surfing For Jesus is Pura Vida' - 'Pure Life' is the translation from this classic Costa Rican saying and the conference was a taste of that! Clearly focused on Jesus with beautiful unity amongst the 220 people from 26 nations of all cultural, socio-economic and Christian backgrounds - a taste of heaven. There was awesome teaching from Britt Merrick, warm waves out front, hilarious cultural presentations, inspiring stories from the field and more. Large crosses with CS-badged logo on garbage bins were erected as a gift to multiple beaches in the area. Special thanks to Dustin Miller and Damian Boza with the amazing Costa Rican team who headed up the whole conference. Stay tuned for the next conference to be held in Australia 2016! Check out photos, reports and audio from the main sessions at


With full consensus the CSI Council appointed Roy Harley, our current South Africa National Director and African Regional Coordinator, as our incoming International Director. Roy and his wife Sharon have two children and are stoked to respond to God's calling for this. Current International Director Brett Davis stated, "I endorse Roy wholeheartedly and without reservation for this role and will stand with him in every way." Brett will continue serving in CSI as Founder/Advisor, as well as in other roles. Roy has two years to settle into the role with BD's support. He will have transitioned out of his current positions in Africa by May 2015 and looks forward to a world tour as a family later in 2015. Check out the video announcement here.


We have a unique opportunity to invest in this new season of mission for CSI and need one-off funding to help transition the international office to J-Bay, put the Harley family on the road and recruit new office personnel. Our goal is to raise $30,000 via crowdfunding to help pave the way for this new road in our history. Come and join us at


The CSI Council also approved a new ongoing 'Surf House' funding initiative. Basically CSI is seeking to identify holiday homes in key surfing destination whose owners will donate some weeks per year that friends of CS can purchase. You receive a great holiday, funds go to the global movement, and donors have the satisfaction of utilising God's resources. A new webpage will emerge soon. Contact your RC for additional information, or for full proposal and donor invitation. We see this as a creative way of more sustained international funding.


Christian Surfers Peru are seeking to serve the world's largest amateur surf event, to be held at Punta Rocas in Peru, October 24 - November 1, 2014. Over 30 nations will participate, and CS has the opportunity to provide volunteers and supply Surfers Bibles, water, DVDs etc as they have at various ISA events over the years. If you would be interested in coming and serving contact Aldo Ventura. You will need a reference from your national leader to apply. If you would like to donate towards this outreach, visit and choose 'ISA Outreach' from the specific projects.