Visiting CS Cuba


by Dustin Miller

“It was because of love that the Americans came to Costa Rica to bless us when I was younger and it’s because of love that we’re now here in Cuba to bless you guys as well.”
Esteban from Costa Rica

Last month Emily and I were able to join a couple guys from our ministry of Christian Surfers in Costa Rica on a mission trip to support the team in CS Cuba. Historically, pretty much all mission trips in the America’s come from the USA, but we’re stoked to see a country who has received so many mission trips (Costa Rica), begin to send out their own people to do missions.

Krissia and Esteban met Emily and I in Cuba on June 11th. We joined Yohnly and his local team in La Havana, Cuba in visiting the homes of local surfers, visiting local churches and spreading the word about an evangelical event we were going to do with a christian surf film at a local surf break. The team from Costa Rica were able to put together a handful of surfboards, tons of leashes, waxes, board shorts and surf apparel, stickers and the likes to bless CS Cuba and the ministry they are doing there in Cuba.

Esteban from Costa Rica is a college age student who grew up on the beach in Costa Rica in a community where a ton of American Missionaries always showed up. Esteban gave his testimony at the event and mentioned how much it was God’s love and the Costa Rican’s love for the Cubans that blessed them with the ability to bring the gifts with them.

The same love that Esteban received as a young surfer in Costa Rica from the visiting Americans, he was able to express to the materially less fortunate Cuban surfers. It was so good seeing God work through both Krissia and Esteban last month and see the local Cuban surfers encouraged and equipped because of it.